Java XML Parsers

Stylus Studio® is the only XML Editor that supports seamless integration with all Java XSLT Processors, XML validators and many other industry leading XML processors, making it the ultimate XML IDE for java programmers! With Stylus Studio®, you can easily configure popular XML editing, validating, transformation, debugging and profiling options with popular Java XML Parsers such as Apache Xerces-J, Apache FOP, Saxon XQuery, Saxon XSLT, XSV, RenderX XEP, the IBM AlphaWorks XML Schema Quality Checker and many others! We've even included them, pre-configured, so you can start Java based XML development right out of the box!

Validate XML Using any Java XML Parser

Stylus Studio® supports both DTD and XML Schema based XML document validation using any Java XML parser — just open an XML document, associate a DTD or XML Schema, then click "Validate" from the XML editor toolbar (the green checkmark icon). Select from a combo-box of available XML parsers including Apache Xerces-J, a popular Java XML parser, to validate the current XML document (shown below). Stylus Studio®'s XML editor includes many powerful features including intelligent XML Schema/DTD aware XML editing, various XML editing views, an XML indenter and much more!

Validating an XML Document with Apache Xerces-J XML Parser

Stylus Studio®'s extensible XML validation architecture allows you to add different XML parsers (illustrated below), enables seamless editing of XML documents within Stylus Studio® using your preferred XML parser, integrated with all of Stylus Studio®'s advanced XML editing features.

Configure Popular XML Parsers including Apache Xerces-J 2.6

Edit, Debug, Profile and Map XSLT using any Java XSLT Processor

Additionally, Stylus Studio® supports an open XSLT processor architecture (illustrated below), allowing you to seamlessly edit, debug, profile and visually map XSLT files using any underlying XSLT processor.

Selecting a Java XSLT Processors to use in an XML transformation

Create PDF files Using Apache FOP

Stylus Studio®'s XSL:FO editor features built-in integration with Apache FOP, allowing you to post-process any XML data (originating from for example, databases, XML files, or Web services) to create professional looking reports expressed in popular output formats including PDF, SVG, MIF, PCL, Text files, and many other file formats, all from a single XML source. Stylus Studio® is the ultimate tool for developing custom Java-based XML content management systems!

Transform XSL:FO stylesheets to PDF or PostScript using Apache FOP

Support for Microsoft XML Parsers, too

Recognizing that XML technologies are universally adopted and widely used in conjunction with a wide variety of different programming languages, platforms, databases and operating systems, Stylus Studio® also includes support for Microsoft XML parsers, including MSXML 3.0, MSXML 4.0, and System.XML (Microsoft .NET XML parser), as well as numerous C/C++ based XML parsers like Apache Xerces-C, and others, allowing you to get the best of both Java and Microsoft worlds!

Stylus Studio® enables Java developers to create and edit XML documents, XSLT stylesheets, and XSL:FO stylesheets, seamlessly in conjunction with their preferred red Java XML parsers and is the ultimate XML Integrated Development Environment for Java software developers!

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