Saxon XSLT Processors

Stylus Studio® has partnered with Saxonica, an industry leading provider of Java-based XSLT and XQuery processing components to offer the most robust XSLT development environment on the planet, featuring full support development and deployment using the Schema-Aware Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor!

Robust Saxon Feature Support

Stylus Studio® includes Saxon 6.5.5, Saxon-B and Saxon-SA (the final one in Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite only). Here's a feature support matrix:

Feature Saxon 6.5.5 Saxon-B Saxon-SA
XSLT 1.0 yes yes yes
XSLT 1.1* yes N/A N/A
Basic XSLT 2.0 N/A yes yes
Schema-Aware XSLT 2.0 N/A N/A yes
Debugging yes yes yes

It's only natural that this debugger should lead the way. After all, it was Stylus Studio® that invented XSLT debugging way back in 2000# with Stylus Studio® 2.0.

Backmapping yes yes yes
Profiling yes yes yes
Mapping yes yes yes
Sense:X for XSLT and XPath yes yes yes

The editor is context-aware, so not only is there syntax coloring, but depending on whether the transform is XSLT 1 or XSLT 2, the language hinting and coloring change. Support is also included for the Saxon-specific extensions that are provided with either Saxon version.

Java Extension Functions yes yes yes

This debugger is unique in that it is language- and platform-agnostic. You can embed Saxon in an XML Pipeline, and set breakpoints and examine values at the pipeline level. Then you can step into the XSLT (or XQuery, for that matter), and set breakpoints and examine variables there. And then you can step right into Java extension functions and debug there using the Java IDE!

XML Publishing yes yes yes

The XML Report module will let you generate XSLT 1 or 2 code that will in turn create your HTML+CSS and/or XSL-FO/PDF output.

XML Pipelines yes yes yes

Any version of Saxon can be used within the XML Pipeline to deploy multi-stage transforms which can freely mix XSLT, XQuery, validation, conditional processing, format conversion and input/output.

*XSLT 1.1 was withdrawn as a standard, but still sometimes you find it in the field.
#Remember that 2000 was waaay back in the last millenium. So this is our second millenium of XSLT debugging expertise.
N/A means Not Applicable.

Schema-Aware XSLT and Basic XSLT Saxon Included!

In Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite, both the Basic and Schema-Aware versions of Saxon are included (for XQuery also). And the same configuration options that are exposed through the Saxon command-line interface are also available through the processor-aware Scenarios dialogs:

Saxon XSLT configuration settings

Executing and Debugging XSLT Expressions Using Saxon

These ultra-sophisticated XSLT tools, including our award-winning XSLT editor and XSLT debugger, provide seamless integration with the Saxon XSLT engine, enabling you to exactly replicate your development and production environment settings. There is no more of this "profile with our engine, deploy with yours" nonsense. You can write, test, debug and deploy all with the same processor. No proprietary XSLT processor lock-in because of non-standard APIs, either. Saxon supports DOM/SAX/JAXP for XSLT and validation, as does the driving code Stylus Studio® can generate. So you can reproduce and diagnose bugs with high fidelity, simplifying advanced XSLT troubleshooting.

Saxon XSLT Has Never Looked More Beautiful

Executing and Debugging XQuery Using the Saxon XML Processor (Click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Need we say more? Try out Saxon-SA with a free evaluation download of Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite right now.


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