XML Publishing

Simplify XML Publising applications with Stylus Studio XML Publisher, a powerful XML report designer that allows users to create advanced document layouts for use in single-source publishing, XML content management, and multi-channel publishing applications. Using an intuitive visual interface, business users can easily design rich document layouts to publish XML content to PDF, HTML, Postscript and many other document formats using XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, or XQuery 1.0. Stylus Studio XML Publisher supports numerous heterogeneous data sources including relational databases; XML databases; Web services: EDI, EDIFACT, X12, CSV and other flat file formats; as well as XML and XML Schema documents. Read more about these exciting features, or watch a brief online video demonstration entitled An Introduction to Stylesheet Design with XML Publisher and see for yourself how easy it is to design professional-looking reports.

An Introduction to XML Publishing in Stylus Studio

Watch this 7-minute online video tutorial that covers an introduction to XML Publisher. Using an intuitive editor and code generator, it simplifies stylesheet design by helping you create XSLT or XQuery to publish your data to HTML+CSS or XSL:FO.

Advanced Report Generation: Grouping and Joining Data Sources

This online video tutorial covers joining related data from one or more data sources using the Create Relationship Dialog Box that allows you to visually define relationships between different data sources, or between different data islands within the same source.

XML Publisher

An overview of the many features and functions of the Stylus Studio XML publisher. After reading this you should have a good idea of the basic constructs

XML Reports

This will show you how to design an XML Report in a PDF or HTML format by taking you step-by-step through creating the output for a sample XML report use-case.

Single Source Publishing

What kinds of report code can Stylus Studio® generate? What differences are there between publishing for the web and publishing to paper or another electronic document format? What happens when the structure of the content changes?

Multi Channel Publishing

Learn how to use XML Publishing tools to design and implement multi-channel publishing applications which enable you to publish multiple output formats from the same input, at the same time.

XML Content Management

This tutorial provides valuable insight on how to use Stylus Studio's XML publishing tools to implement enterprise-wide Content Management systems which unlock valuable information and enables more efficient information reuse.


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