Microsoft XML Tools

Microsoft XML tools in Stylus Studio® X16 XML provide a powerful and intuitive means for building XML-enabled applications based on Microsoft XML technologies, including MSXML (the Microsoft XML Parser), SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft System.XML, C# code generation, and more. Click on one of the links below to learn more about our support for various Microsoft-related XML technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server XQuery Support

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is a highly-optimized processor for accessing and updating SQL Server tables and other data sources as XML using the XQuery 1.0 query language and the XQuery API for Java.

Full Support for MSXML 3.0, MSXML 4.0 and MSXML 6.0

Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports XML processing, XML validation, XSLT transformation and XSLT debugging using the Microsoft MSXML 3.0 (SAX & DOM), MSXML 4.0(SAX & DOM), and the MSXML 6.0 (SAX & DOM) libraries.

Support for Microsoft .NET 1.0 and .NET 2.0 XML API's

Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports XML parsing, XML Schema and DTD based XML validation, XSLT debugging, profiling and transformation using the System.XML, the official XML processing libraries of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Microsoft C# Code Generation for .NET

Stylus Studio can automatically generate the C# program code required to run your XQuery, XSLT, and XML Pipelines as part of a .NET application.

Microsoft SQL Server Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is a must-have tool for SQL Server developers, enabling full XQuery support on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, as well as support for working with other Microsoft SQL Server XML technologies.

Using the .NET API for Data Conversion

Learn how to use DataDirect XML Converters™ for .NET in a C# project, both as a stand alone application, and in conjunction with XSLT. This tutorial covers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration to build a sample application that converts EDI to XML and XML to EDI and more.

Microsoft XML Notepad

XML Notepad simplifies building of XML applications, allowing Microsoft XML developers to rapidly build and edit their XML files. With XML Notepad, you can create XML document prototypes quickly, easily, using an intuitive graphical interface.

Microsoft Web Services Development Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is an ideal tool for building applications in conjunction with the Microsoft .NET web service framework!

An Interview with Michael Rys

Michael Rys is the Program Manager for the SQL Server Engine Team at Microsoft. Read Ivan Pedruzzi's interview with Dr. Rys on behalf of the Stylus Studio developer community.


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