XSD Tools

XSD is a language for describing the structure and constraining the contents of XML documents. Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports XSD editing, conversion, validation, documentation generation and much more. Select from the list below to learn more about Stylus Studio® X16 XML's advanced support for XSD development.

XSD Editor

Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes a visual XSD Editor that supports modular XSD component design, refactoring, and much more!

XSD Documentation Generation

Publish your XML data model to make it available to other developers using the Stylus Studio® X16 XML XSD Documentation generator.

Open XSD Validation Architecture

Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports XSD based editing and validation using any XSD Processor (MSXML, Microsoft .NET, Xerces, XSV, and others).

XSD Generation Tools

Auto-generate XSDs easily using Stylus Studio® X16 XML's numerous conversion and XSD generation utilities.

XSD-to-XSD Mapping

Easily map from XML defined by one XSD to that of another.


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What is XSD?

An XSD is a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntax constraints imposed by XML itself. An XSD provides a view of the document type at a relatively high level of abstraction.

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