XML Tools: Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite Feature Overview

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite provides a comprehensive set of XML tools and features for working with XML, XQuery, Web services, XML publishing, and many other XML technologies. Click on a heading below to learn more about how you can put Stylus Studio® to work for you. We've also compiled a feature matrix that lists out all of the features in Stylus Studio® X16 XML so you can easily compare the differences between the editions.

XML Editors

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite includes numerous synchronized, visual XML editing views, Sense:X (Intelligent XML Editing), Integrated XML Validator, XML differencing, and much more!

XQuery (XML Query) Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite is the first and only XML development tool to support visual XQuery editing, XQuery mapping, and XQuery debugging.


Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite provides comprehensive XSLT development support, including XSLT debugging, XSLT mapping, XSLT profiling, visual HTML-to-XSLT stylesheet design, XSL:FO, and much more!

EDI Tools

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration tools for converting, mapping and deploying advanced XML data integration applications which invlove read/write access to legacy EDIFACT and X12 data sources.

XML Pipeline

XML Pipeline lets you model your entire XML application instead of just individual pieces — use it to design, edit, debug and deploy advanced XML data service applications.

XML Publishing

Visually design beautiful XML reports for XML publishing applications using XSL:FO, XQuery and XSLT technologies to generate PDF or HTML output from any data source.

XML Schema Editor

Read about Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite's new support for visual XML Schema editing, validation, XSD documentation generation, and other XSD utilities.

XSL:FO Tools

Learn what XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO) is all about, and how to use XSL:FO tools to create advanced document layouts and formatting styles to render your XML documents.

Document Type Definition (DTD) Editor

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite includes a visual DTD editor, integrated DTD validator, and various DTD generation utilities.

XPath Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite includes utilities for XPath 1.0/2.0, including XPath Evaluator, XPath Expression Generator, Sense:X for XPath (Intelligent XPath Editing), and much more!

Web Services Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite supports Web Service Development via a Web Service Call Composer, UDDI Registry Browser, and other tools that make it easy to find, test, and use Web services.

XML Mapping Tools

With Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite, you can map data in one format to another using visual drag-and-drop mappers. Stylus Studio®'s mappers include support for mapping to and from XML documents, Web service data, relational data, flat files, and many more.

Import/Export Utilities for any File, XML and Relational Data

Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite includes Convert to XML, a visual tool for extracting XML data from any file format including CSV, tab separated, binary data files, EDI, or any other flat format, as well as many other data import/export utilities for RDBMS, XML, and more!

Relational Database Connectivity Tools

If you're working with relational and XML data, our powerful database and XML tools are a must-have for database architects, database developers, and Database Administrators (DBA's).

Java and XML Tools

Build XML-enabled Java applications using Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite's JSP Editor, XML-Java debugger, and more.

HTML/XHTML and Web Design Tools

Easily design advanced XML-data driven Web sites with Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite's handy XML tools for Web Designers!

Microsoft and XML Tools

Use Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite to build XML-enabled Microsoft applications with MSXML, Microsoft .NET XML (System.XML), SQL Server 2000, and other XML-enabled products and APIs.

XSD Tools

XSD is a language for describing the structure and constraining the contents of XML documents. Stylus Studio supports XSD editing, conversion, validation, documentation generation and much more. Learn more about Stylus Studio's advanced support for XSD development here.

Document Type Definition (DTD) Tools

These DTD tutorials and examples illustrate Stylus Studio's powerful tools and utilities for working with document type definitions, including DTD editing, validation, conversion, and much more.


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