XSL:FO Tools

In the following XSL-FO tutorials you will learn what XSL Formatting Objects (XSL:FO) is all about, and how to use XSL:FO tools to create advanced document layouts and formatting styles to pretty-up your XML documents for use in single source publishing, multi-channel publishing and other content management applications.

XSL:FO Editor

Stylus Studio® X16 XML XSL:FO editor includes intelligent XSL:FO editing support, single-click XSL:FO transformation, modular per-template views, refactoring capabilities, integrated PDF preview, support for leading XSL:FO processors and much more!

RenderX XEP

RenderX XEP is a high performance commercial XSL:FO engine. Learn how to leverage Stylus Studio and RenderX XEP to develop and deploy Dynamic Publishing applications.

Apache FOP

Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is a print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO). Our XSL:FO tools support the use of Apache FOP to render XSL:FO stylesheets into a specified output format.


Converting XML to PDF is easy with Stylus Studio and our standards-based approach using XSL:FO, intuitive XSL:FO design tools and support for the industry leading XML to PDF rendering components.

XML Publisher

Stylus Studio's XML Publisher reduces the high costs associated with enterprise publishing by providing an easy way to publish reports from relational, XML or legacy data into any output format including HTML+CSS, or XSL FO which can in turn be rendered as PDF, PostScript, etc.

Stylesheet Designer

This online video tutorial showcases the use of a Stylesheet Designer to visually design stylesheets that simplify the development of XSLT or XQuery which can be used to generate XSL:FO stylesheets for a variety of different XML Publishing applications.

Report Generation

This online video tutorial showcases XSL:FO tools for joining related data from one or more data sources. Visually define relationships between different data sources, or between different data islands within the same source.


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XSL:FO Tools Conformance

Our XSL:FO Tools fully conform to the official W3C XSL and XPath specifications.

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