Content Management

Stylus Studio® provides many tools that can enable your Content Management system to reach into and integrate data from new sources.

legacy or relational data source
native format to XML adapter
content management system

The adapters allow you to create bridges, bringing data from legacy systems into intermediate XML or even final HTML or PDF, perfect for publishing into a dashboard or desktop paradigm.

Publishing XML Content

Content derived from raw XML can be published inside of your Content Management System. Stylus Studio® can be used to generate the stylesheet code that can be attached to your enterprise software, so that it always presents up-to-date information. And when your requirements change, updating the software to extract the data is simple, since it's all generated for you.

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When things get more complicated, you can support multi-channel publishing as well. By building larger components out of smaller ones, and then generating the code as a unit, you can tackle large integration tasks with ease.

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Relational Databases and Content Management

The DataDirect XQuery engine has the very same integrated JDBC drivers that give exceptional high performance and reliability built in. This lets you query relational databases such as Oracle, IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase and publish their content.

To build that content you have access to the entire XQuery tools suite: the syntax-enabled editor, real-time mapper and the debugger.

Content can also be produced using the XML Publishing system, with the output going from your database via XQuery straight into your Content Management System.

XML Databases and Content Management

The XQuery editor is more than just a simple editor, but it also understands the extension functions and provides extended syntax support for two very powerful XML databases. These databases are actually designed from the ground up to handle XML data, and provide integrated query engines and special-purpose extensions for managing tree-structured content.

content management database  

Raining Data® TigerLogic XDMS

Raining Data has implemented the TigerLogic high-performance XML data management server for storing structured and unstructured data across the enterprise. Use the Stylus Studio® to unlock the potential in your enterprise data and provide a new window into your company's operations.

CMS + XML-IDE = :)

Try an evaluation copy of Stylus Studio® today, and see how you can make your content management system more robust and extract the information you need from the resources you already own.


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