XQuery Tools

Stylus Studio® X16 XML is the world's leading XQuery development tool, with full feature support for XQuery Editing, XQuery Mapping, XQuery Debugging, XQuery Profiling, and even deploying XQuery applications. Stylus Studio®'s XQuery tools and components are the industry's first and only to fully support the XQuery 1.0 recommendation of January 2007, and with new integrated support for XML Converters, you can easily extend your XQuery applications to access any data source (relational, EDI, flat files, etc.) in a standards-based way. (You can also build them piecemeal, via the Data Conversion API, or holistically, via the XML Pipeline code generator.) Learn more about Stylus Studio® X16 XML's advanced support for XQuery development today!

DataDirect XQuery

DataDirect XQuery is an implementation of XQuery that can query XML, relational data, SOAP messages, EDI, or a combination of data sources. DataDirect XQuery™ 3.0 provides the fastest, most reliable, and most scalable XQuery support for all major relational databases, and it runs on any Java platform. DataDirect XQuery™ 3.0 supports the XQuery for Java API (XQJ), and is easily embeddable in any Java program — it does not require any other product or application server, and it has no server of its own. DataDirect XQuery™ 3.0 is recommended for applications that must manage XML, relational, and legacy data formats, including applications for data integration, Web services, Web publishing, and report generation.

XQuery Editor

Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes a robust XQuery Editor, with built-in Sense:X for XQuery (intelligent XQuery code editing), single-click XQuery transformation, XQuery output preview, back-mapping, and much more!

XQuery Mapper

Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports true XQuery mapping! Synchronized visual and text editing of XQuery documents are presented in a powerful, intuitive user interface.

XQuery Debugger

Step through advanced XQuery expressions line-by-line, set breakpoints, inspect variables, set watches, observe the template stack, and more!

XQuery Profiler

Analyze the performance of your XQuery expressions! Eliminate unwanted performance bottlenecks, improve efficiency, evaluate alternative processors, and more.

Support for Saxon SA XQuery Processor

The most powerful XQuery IDE on the planet wouldn't be complete without fully integrated support for the Saxon XQuery processor — learn how you can use the Saxon XQuery processor directly within Stylus Studio®'s XQuery Editor and Debugger!

XML Schema-Aware XQuery Processing

You wouldn't use XML without a schema, so why are engineers so why take chances with XQuery? Learn how to to leverage Schema-Aware XQuery processing features in Stylus Studio to eliminate errors and build quality applications.

XQuery Documentation Generator (xqDoc)

Generate user-friendly documentation of your XQuery libraries and modules to simplify software development and cross-referencing.

Invoking XQuery from Web Services

XQuery provides a flexible means for data abstraction, while Web services provide process abstraction. In this online video demonstration, learn how integrated XQuery & Web service tools simplify the implementation of SOA and EII applications.

XQuery Functions

An informative tutorial by Dr. Michael Kay on how to write your own user-defined functions in XQuery.


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