Saxon XQuery Processor

Stylus Studio® has partnered with Saxonica, an industry leading provider of Java-based XQuery and XSLT processing components to offer the most advanced XQuery development environment on the planet, featuring full support development and deployment using the Schema-Aware Saxon XQuery and XSLT processor! Stylus Studio®'s XQuery tools, including our award winning XQuery editor and XQuery debugger provide seamless integration with the Saxon XQuery processor, enabling you to exactly replicate your development and production environment settings, thus enabling you to accurately reproduce and diagnose bugs, simplifying advanced XQuery troubleshooting. Integrated support for DataDirect XML Converters means that you can further extend the Saxon XQuery processor to support non-XML files, including EDI, flat files, and other legacy data formats.

Executing and Debugging XQuery Expressions Using Saxon

Configuring of Stylus Studio®'s XQuery tools is done from the XQuery scenario window, which allows a developer to easily specify properties pertaining to the XQuery expression being developed or debugged. Stylus Studio® supports numerous industry XQuery processing components, including a built-in XQuery processor, DataDirect XQuery, and Saxon SA as illustrated below:

Executing and Debugging XQuery Using the Saxon XML Processor (Click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

Stylus Studio® is the world's first and only XML IDE to include integrated XQuery debugging support for the Saxon XQuery processor.

Schema-Aware and Basic Saxon Included!

In Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite, both the Basic and Schema-Aware versions of Saxon are included (for XSLT also). And the same configuration options that are exposed through the Saxon command-line interface are also available through the processor-aware Scenarios dialogs:

Saxon XQuery configuration settings

About Saxon XQuery Processor

In the five years that Saxon has been available, it has established a reputation for fast performance, the highest level of conformance to the W3C specifications, excellent diagnostics, technical innovation, and responsive technical support direct from the original developer. Saxon is written in 100% Java and therefore runs on any popular platform.

Since mid-2003 Saxon has also included an XQuery 1.0 processor. This gives you a choice of languages supported by the same underlying engine. Saxon is the only product to offer XSLT and XQuery in an integrated package, allowing you to use each language for the things it does best. The two interfaces are complementary: for example you can write a function library in XQuery, and call the functions from your XSLT stylesheets. Saxon is a leading XQuery engine of XQuery developers worldwide, and boasts many powerful features including:

  • A schema-aware XQuery 1.0 processor
  • An XPath processor that can be called from Java applications
  • A free-standing XML Schema validator
  • A schema-aware XSLT 2.0 processor


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