Import & Export XML Data Utilities (Convert XML)

Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes Convert to XML, a powerful new utility for visually converting. Additionally, Stylus Studio® includes numerous other tools for importing and exporting XML data from databases, or other data sources. Once you've modeled your data conversions, use DataDirect XML Converters™ to run your project directly from a Java or Microsoft .NET application — Overall, Stylus Studio is the most comprehensive XML tool for XML data conversion and integration!

DataDirect XML Converters™

DataDirect XML Converters™ are high-performance native Java and Microsoft .NET component-based converters offer easy, bi-directional, streaming conversion for EDI, X12, EDIFACT, EANCOM, IATA, Flat files and other Legacy Data to XML, directly from your own applications or from within XSLT or XQuery.

Convert to XML

Our primary tool for visually converting any flat file format including CSV, Tab separated, non-standard EDI, binary, or any other legacy data format into XML. (For EDIFACT, X12, IATA and EANCOM standard vocabularies, our sophisticated and auto-detecting native EDI converter is what you want.

Convert CSV to XML

A simple converter to convert CSV files to XML — or XML to CSV.

Convert EDI to XML

The world's best EDI-to-XML conversion tool, featuring full support for HL7, UN/EDIFACT, IATA, EANCOM, and ANSI/X12 specs and more! Visually convert EDI-to-XML with Stylus Studio®!


Visually convert existing HTML files to XML with Stylus Studio® X16 XML's HTML-to-XSLT Importer.


Visually design HTML layouts for XML data using the new WYSIWYG XML Publishing tools.

Fixed Width file to XML

Convert any fixed width file, in any file encoding, to XML.

Varying Record Layout to XML

Not every file has every record having identical structure. When life throws more complicated formats at you, advanced pattern-matching features can isolate the data you need and group it under the elements where it belongs.

Working with Binary and XML Data

How do I get my binary data into XML? How do I get my binary data out of XML? The answers to these questions and more in this amazing Binary XML tutorial.

Generate XML Schema / DTD

Use Stylus Studio® X16 XML to auto-generate an XML content model (an XML Schema or DTD) for imported data.


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New XQuery & Web Services Tools, Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, HL7 EDI, Microsoft .NET Code Generation and much more!

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