EDIFACT Message and Segment Directory

EDIFACT and X12 are the most common and widely-used vocabularies of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This website covers the EDIFACT vocabulary.

For an overview of all of the messages supported across all of the various versions, see EDIFACT Standards Available Across All Versions.

EDIFACT transmissions are broken up into pieces called messages, segments, and elements. The various encoded values are listed in code lists.

This page is a jumping-off point for exploring the definitions of these structures related to the EDIFACT standard. You can think of these as EDIFACT javadocs.

UN/EDIFACT Service Segment and Code List Specifications

Syntax Version 4 Syntax Version 3 Issue Date
SegmentCode List SegmentCode List
Release 4.1 40102 Release 3.0 03B Dec-09-2003
40101 03A May-25-2003
40100 02B Feb-28-2002
Release 4.0 40007 02A May-23-2002
40006 01C Dec-02-2001
40005 01B May-19-2001
40004 01A Nov-05-2000
40003 00B Jun-28-2000
40002 00A Apr-25-2000
40001 99B Oct-15-1999
40000 99A May-01-1999
  97A Mar-21-1997
96B Sep-20-1996
96A Nov-17-1995
95B Jul-07-1995
94B Sep-23-1994
94A Sep-23-1994

UN/CEFACT Message, Segment and Code List Specifications

Message Segment Code List
D04B D04B D04B
D04A D04A D04A
D03B D03B D03B
D03A D03A D03A
D02B D02B D02B
D02A D02A D02A
D01C D01C D01C
D01B D01B D01B
D01A D01A D01A
D00B D00B D00B
D00A D00A D00A
D99B D99B D99B
D99A D99A D99A
D98B D98B D98B
D98A D98A D98A
D97B D97B D97B
D97A D97A D97A
D96B D96B D96B
D96A D96A D96A
D95B D95B D95B
D95A D95A D95A
D94B D94B D94B
D94A D94A D94A
D93A D93A D93A

There are two ways to manipulate EDI data within Stylus Studio.

Customizable support for all variants of EDI, including EDIFACT and UN/CEFACT, HL7 and X12 can be accessed through the flexible interface of Convert to XML.

Stylus Studio also has a built-in bidirectional adapter specifically for reading and writing EDIFACT+UN/CEFACT and also X12.


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