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UN/CEFACT Revision 1996A Segment List

AGRAgreement identification
AJTAdjustment details
ALCAllowance or charge
ALIAdditional information
APRAdditional price information
ARDAmounts relationship details
ARRArray information
ASIArray structure identification
AUTAuthentication result
BGMBeginning of message
BIIStructure identification
BUSBusiness function
CAVCharacteristic value
CCDCredit cover details
CCICharacteristic/class id
CDIPhysical or logical state
CDSCode set identification
CDVCode value definition
CEDComputer environment details
CMPComposite data element identification
CNIConsignment information
CNTControl total
CODComponent details
COMCommunication contact
COTContribution details
CPICharge payment instructions
CPSConsignment packing sequence
CSTCustoms status of goods
CTAContact information
DGSDangerous goods
DIIDirectory identification
DLIDocument line identification
DLMDelivery limitations
DMSDocument/message summary
DOCDocument/message details
DSIData set identification
EFIExternal file link identification
ELMSimple data element details
ELUData element usage details
EMPEmployment details
EQAAttached equipment
EQDEquipment details
EQNNumber of units
ERCApplication error information
ERPError point details
FCAFinancial charges allocation
FIIFinancial institution information
FNSFootnote set
FTXFree text
GDSNature of cargo
GIDGoods item details
GINGoods identity number
GIRRelated identification numbers
GISGeneral indicator
GORGovernmental requirements
GRUSegment group usage details
HANHandling instructions
ICDInsurance cover description
IHCPerson characteristic
IMDItem description
INDIndex details
INPParties to instruction
INVInventory management related details
IRQInformation required
LINLine item
LOCPlace/location identification
MEMMembership details
MKSMarket/sales channel information
MOAMonetary amount
MSGMessage type identification
NADName and address
PAIPayment instructions
PATPayment terms basis
PCDPercentage details
PCIPackage identification
PDIPerson demographic information
PGIProduct group information
PIAAdditional product id
PNAParty name
PRCProcess identification
PRIPrice details
PSDPhysical sample description
QVRQuantity variances
RCSRequirements and conditions
RNGRange details
RTERate details
SALRemuneration type identification
SCCScheduling conditions
SCDStructure component definition
SEGSegment identification
SELSeal number
SEQSequence details
SFISafety information
SGPSplit goods placement
SGUSegment usage details
SPSSampling parameters for summary statistics
STCStatistical concept
TAXDuty/tax/fee details
TCCTransport charge/rate calculations
TDTDetails of transport
TEMTest method
TMDTransport movement details
TODTerms of delivery or transport
TPLTransport placement
TSRTransport service requirements
VLIValue list identification

Change indicators
plus sign An addition.
asterisk Addition/substraction/change to a code entry for a particular data element.
hash or pound sign Changes to names.
vertical bar Changes to text for descriptions, notes and functions.
minus sign A deletion.
letter X Marked for deletion.
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