What's New In Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite is our latest product release, featuring all-new XML productivity tools designed to further simplify and automate frequently encountered programming tasks, and it offers increased support for several popular databases and industry standards, easing XML data integration tasks, particularly in heterogeneous computing environments. The following are just some of the highlights of the newest release:

What's New in Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite

Stylus Studio® X15 Release 2 XML Enterprise Suite contains significant new features and enhancements, including the following:


  • Support for latest XSLT 3.0 specifications
  • Support latest XPath 3.0 specifications
  • Support latest XQuery 3.0 specifications
  • Support for XML Schema 1.1

DataDirect XQuery

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Support for MySQL 5.5
  • Support for the Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) data encryption and data integrity feature
  • Support for DB2 v10 z/OS
  • Support for DB2 v7R1 for iSeries
  • Support for DB2 V10.1 for Linux/UNIX/Windows

Apache FOP 1.1 integration

  • XSLT post processing and Java Code generation
  • XQuery post processing and Java Code generation
  • XML Pipeline Execution and Java Code generation

License De-Activation

  • It's now possible to transfer a license from one workstation to another without contacting customer support.

Minor Enhancements

  • Cell border's settings generate predictable PDF output
  • Added new command to copy URL in the Project Window
  • The status dialog for on demand components now display the bytes downloaded

Added Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1

Added Support for Internet Explorer 11

Added Support for Oracle Java 1.8

New Features in Past Releases of Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio X15

  • New HTML WYSIWYG Editor Tab
  • XSLT Editor Enhancements
  • One Click Intelligent AutoLink for XSLT and XQuery Mapping Tools
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 8, IE 10, Java 1.7

Stylus Studio X14 Release 2

  • New Visual Schema Designer for Relax NG
  • New Saxon 9.4 XSLT Processor with Just-In-Time Compiler
  • New XML Converters 6.2 For Java
  • More Processor Choices to Validate XML Schema

Stylus Studio X14

  • XQuery 3.0 Support
  • XSLT 3.0 Support
  • XPath 3.0 Support
  • New PDF Generation with Rich Media and Forms
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Performance Enhancements

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