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Stylus Studio's XML Publisher is the ultimate visual Stylesheet Designer. Using an intuitive editor and code generator, it simplifies stylesheet design by helping you create XSLT or XQuery to publish your data to HTML+CSS or XSL:FO for a variety of different XML Publishing applications, including Web publishing, multi-channel publishing, content management or single source publishing applications.

An Introduction to Stylesheet Design

Catch the entire XML Publishing tutorial series!

  1. Introduction to XML Publisher: Visually designing stylesheets
  2. Advanced XML Publishing: Report Generation involving relationships

The following online video demonstration entitled An Introduction to Stylesheet Design covers in detail how to use the Stylus Studio XML Publisher, including these exciting topics and more:

  • Specifying a data source for use in your stylesheet design project.
  • Browsing a data source from within the XML Publisher.
  • Creating visual components, for example, lists and tables.
  • Creating logical components, including conditional expressions.
  • How to iterate over repeating data elements in your report.
  • Incorporating the use of dynamic XML elements into your report.
  • Understanding the use of XPath to specify different report components.
  • Running an XML report and viewing the results in the preview window.
  • Using backmapping to see the components that generated the content of a report.
  • Applying different common formatting styles to your report.
  • Viewing and changing properties associated with design components.
  • Specifying XPath expressions using the XPath editor to set conditional properties.
  • Generating the HTML+CSS for the web or XSL:FO code for XML to PDF publishing.
  • Creating a report using CSV data, Relational or other non-XML data.
  • Using multiple XML and non-XML data sources in a single report.
  • Rendering XSL:FO stylesheets with RenderX XEP and Apache FOP.
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