Sense:X for XPath (XPath Editor)

Stylus Studio®'s intelligent code-sensing, auto-completion technology, Sense:X, is XPath-aware. You'll find Sense:X for XPath in all of Stylus Studio®'s editors, including the XML Editor, XSLT Editor, and XQuery Editor. In addition to XPath code-sensing and auto-completion, Sense:X for XPath provides syntax coloring and syntax checking for any XPath 1.0/2.0 expression or function.

Intelligent XPath editing with Sense:X

XPath Examples

The XPath editor is ideal for generating example XPath expressions. Stylus Studio®'s code-sensing and auto-completion displays a combo box only of those elements currently in scope, relative to the current context as identified by the text cursor. For example, in the sample XPath illustrated in the preceeding figure, the xsl:apply-templates statement, Stylus Studio® suggests the id attribute, and the actorRef, beta, beta_stock, details, and director elements because they are immediately in scope relative to the current template's context.

XPath Syntax Help

Additionally, Stylus Studio® provides code completion and syntax help for XPath functions such as concat() — Stylus Studio displays the function prototype (that is, the method signature) for the XPath function, and helps you choose the function arguments as well. Furthermore, Stylus Studio® helps you find the data nodes that you need for your XPath function by populating the combo box with available XPath axes such as ancestor::, child::, attribute::, parent::, preceding::, and so on.

Syntax help and code completion for XPath functions

XPath Nodes

Stylus Studio® implements the same code-sensing and auto-completion throughout all editors, wherever an XPath expression is meant to be typed in. For example, in the following XQuery expression, Stylus Studio® suggests available XPath nodes and functions as you type.

XPath code completion in an XQuery expression

The XPath editor uses context-sensitive code-sensing to display helpful editing hints — including auto-completion, functions, function prototypes, axes, and syntax coloring — wherever an XPath expression needs to be edited. These features accelerate XPath development, help prevent errors, and aid the XPath learning process.

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