XPath Introduction — Using XPath Queries to Extract Data from XML Documents

Need XPath help? The XPath query editor is a helpful utility in Stylus Studio for querying XML documents using XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0, a W3C standard language for navigating and extracting information from your XML data. In this XPath introduction, learn how powerful features for XPath code completion, XPath syntax highlighting, integrated support for XML namespace management, and support for XPath 2.0 functions can dramatically simplify your next XML application.

An XPath Introduction Covers the Following Topics

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  1. Introduction to Stylus Studio
  2. Introduction to XQuery Development
  3. Introduction to XML Schema Development
  4. Introduction to XSLT Development
  5. Introduction to XPath
  6. Running XSLT, XQuery and XML Schema Together Using XML Pipeline
  • Invoking the XPath text editor from within the XML Editor
  • Using the Intelligent XML-Aware XPath syntax help in the XPath editor
  • Evaluating an XPath expression, for example, determining an element's count or position
  • Browsing the results of an XPath expression in the query output window
  • Viewing XPath query results as XML documents
  • Configuring the XPath query editor according to your preferences
  • Examples of writing advanced XPath applications
  • Working with XPath namespace URI's and prefixes in the XPath editor
  • Using XPath backmapping to troubleshoot XPath results
  • Creating a new XPath expression
  • Using the XPath editor in other XML editing views, including the tree view and XML grid view
  • Understanding the current XPath context when evaluating an expression
  • Invoking an XPath 2.0 function involving conditional logic
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