Editing XSL Stylesheets

A robust stylesheet editor, built-in preview capabilities, synchronized visual and text-based stylesheet editors — these are just some of the ways Stylus Studio simplifies stylesheet development. In this free online video tutorial, learn why we are the world's leading choice for working with XSL and XSLT stylesheets.

Editing XSL Stylesheets covers the following topics:

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  1. Editing and Debugging XSLT
  2. Stylesheet Design: How To Publish Your Data Using A Stylesheet Designer
  3. Advanced Visual XSLT & XSL:FO Based Report Generation
  4. Introduction to XPath
  • Creating, Editing & Troubleshooting stylesheets using XSL Tools
  • Configuring the XSL editor, including folding the code and displaying one template at a time
  • Using XSL scenarios to configure a stylesheet development project
  • Using XSL processors including MSXML, System.XML, Apache Xalan, Saxon XSLT, and other Apache XML components.
  • Executing an XSL transformation and viewing the results
  • Troubleshooting XSL using backmapping to back-track from the output document to the source file or input document
  • Using syntax help and auto-completion for XSLT 1.0/2.0 and XPath 1.0/2.0
  • Inserting breakpoints for debugging XSL stylesheets
  • Executing a stylesheet line by line with the XSL debugger
  • Stepping into, over, and out of an XSL template or function
  • Monitoring the state of the XSL processor, including expressions, variables, the call-stack and other important properties
  • Using the XSLT mapper for XML to XML mapping projects
  • Visually creating XSL mapping code by dragging lines from source to target document models
  • Using the XSL designer for XML to HTML

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