WSDL Editor

A powerful schema-aware WSDL editor at your fingertips can greatly simplify working with Web Services and the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) — an XML format for describing network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either document-oriented or procedure-oriented information. Stylus Studio's WSDL editor supports working with WSDL files, making editing WSDL files and validating them a breeze! This Web Services and the Web Service Description Language tutorial provides an overview of the many WSDL tools and utilities in Stylus Studio that simplify Web service development.

WSDL: Loading a File in the Web Services Call Composer

To get started, we'll need to load a WSDL file in Stylus Studio — there are several ways of doing this, for example, if you select "File"->"New"->"Web Service Call", it will launch the Web services development tools suite. From there, you can either load a WSDL file from the local file system, or search a UDDI directory. In this example, we'll point to an existing WSDL. This process is illustrated here:

Launching the Web Services Call Composer

WSDL Viewer

WSDL files are complicated! But the WSDL Viewer makes it easier to understand the various operations, ports and bindings that are available in your WSDL file through an intuitive WSDL viewer. If you click on an operation, it will display the corresponding Web Service parameters visually. Just fill in the various parameters and hit the "Send Request" button (or type the F5 key) to invoke the WSDL method. The WSDL viewer is illustrated in the following screenshot:

Viewing a WSDL file using the WSDL viewer

WSDL Syntax Help

In addition to providing various tools for visually working with WSDL, we also provide a robust XML editor enabling you to manually edit the WSDL code. Stylus Studio provides various features to simplify working with WSDL code including code-completion, code-folding, XML indenting, syntax-highlighting, a well-formed checker and many other helpful XML tools. The following screenshot illustrates working with a WSDL file in Stylus Studio's XML editor.

WSDL Syntax Help and Code Highlighting

WSDL Editor with Embedded XML Schema Editing

In order to build WSDL files from scratch, a fully functioning WSDL Editing environment is built into Stylus Studio. Either use the Open WSCC in WSDL Editor button in the Web Services Call Composer to open the current WSDL document, or use the "File"->"Open" mechanism:

Launching the WSDL Editor

The WSDL Editor is fully schema-aware, and includes the ability to edit embedded schemas. And as the XML Schema editor shows interlinked realtime views of image and schema, so the WSDL Editor links the text editor and graphical view, so that changing either changes the other automatically.

WSDL Editor and XML Schema
(click to enlarge XML Schema Editor)

WSDL2Java & Java2WSDL Support

In order to consume web services from Java, the DataDirect XQuery engine has been enhanced to include Apache Axis support.

Using WSDL2Java in the WSDL Editor

Use the Copy XQuery to Clipboard option and grab a snapshot of the current Web Services call, suitable for embedding into your XQuery program. No more having to use a Java IDE (although we bundle one) as this is all automatically handled for you.

declare namespace tns = "";


<tns:GetQuotes xmlns:tns="">

Powerful WSDL Editor!

Stylus Studio's WSDL editor simplifies Web Services and the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) Integration — it provides powerful tools and utilities for viewing, editing, and deploying Java web service applications and much more. Download the WSDL editor for free today!


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Using the WSDL Editor

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