Java IDE

Stylus Studio® includes a powerful built-in Java IDE to accelerate development of XML-enabled Java / J2EE applications.

Java IDE, click to enlarge (click to enlarge)

Creating a new Java file with Stylus Studio®'s Java IDE is easy: just select New > Java Text Editor, which invokes Stylus Studio®'s built-in Java IDE as shown here:

Create new Java File

Java Code Syntax Coloring, Code Sensing and Autocompletion

Stylus Studio® colors reserved words in blue (eg: public, static, final, throws, returns, etc), Java methods in brown, Java objects and classes in grey, and strings in purple — all of this is configurable, of course. Stylus Studio® searches your system's classpath as you type to provide you with Java code sensing and auto-completion as shown here:

Java Code Syntax Coloring, Code Sensing and Autocompletion

Java Syntax Help

In addition to code sensing and autocompletion, Stylus Studio®'s Java IDE also displays a method's signature (i.e. it's function prototype) giving you helpful hints on what to type next, for example, in this illustration, Stylus Studio® has determined that "req.getAttribute()" is an abstract method which takes a String as an argument and returns an Object to the caller:

Java IDE Method Signature Help

Single Click Java Compiler

Java class file compilation is easy, just type CTRL-F7 or click on the compile button on the Java IDE toolbar. Stylus Studio® reports any compiler errors or warnings to the Output Window. In this figure, Stylus Studio® reports that compiling the HelloWorld servlet was successful:

Compile Java class files

Integrated JavaDoc Help

Context sensitive, Integrated JavaDoc help is just one of the many great time-saving features including with Stylus Studio®'s Java IDE. Can't remember an object's interface? Just put the cursor on any Java object, Stylus Studio® will determine the object's class and automatically open its corresponding JavaDoc help file!

Context sensitive JavaDoc Help (F1)

Real-time syntax checking

Stylus Studio®'s Java IDE helps prevent errors from happening as you type, checking your java code syntax for missing semicolons, unmatched brackets and braces, and undefined symbols, and any other possible error. Stylus Studio® reports errors visually to the editing screen by underlining the offending code in red, as shown here:

Real-time Java Syntax checking

Java Backmapping

Java backmapping is a convenient troubleshooting feature included with Stylus Studio®'s Java IDE that relates Java compiler error or warning messages with the offending line of Java code that generated that compiler error. By double clicking on a compiler error message in the Output Window, Stylus Studio® will automatically highlight the offending line of code, facilitating troubleshooting/debugging of your Java code. You can step through multiple errors in the Output window by typing the F4 key.

Stepping through Java Compiler errors and warnings using the Output Window and Backmapping

Integrated Java and XML Debugging

The Java IDE is fully integrated with our XSLT debugger and XQuery debugger, enabling you to seamlessly debug your XSLT stylesheet or XQuery expression even if it calls external Java functions.

Configurable Java IDE Settings

Finally, all of the JVM settings, such as compiler arguents, classpath, etc, are easily configurable via a Java Options pannel as shown here:

Real-time Java Syntax checking

Stylus Studio®'s integrated Java IDE enables you to easily bind XML technologies such as XML files, XML Schemas, DTD's, XSLT stylesheets, XQuery expressions, WSDL documents, SOAP, etc. to java class files, for use within your XML enabled Java/J2EE application.

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