Stylus Studio® includes an Integrated Development Environment for JavaServer Pages (JSP IDE) module to help in building dynamic Web front-ends to XML driven Web applications. Creating a new JSP file using Stylus Studio®'s JSP IDE is easy, just select New > Document Wizards > JSP 1.0/2.0 as shown here:

Creating a new JSP in the JSP IDE

Syntax coloring of HTML and Java Code inside JSP Scriptlets

Stylus Studio®'s JSP IDE includes support for Syntax coloring of both HTML tags, as well as embedded Java code scriptlets. Notice how in the JSP scriptlet in the following illustration, Java reserved words (while, try, if, public, static, etc.) are in blue, objects are in grey, and methods in brown.

Editing a JavaServer Page with the JSP IDE

JSP Code Completion

JSP technologies are XML based, and using the JSP XML Schema, in conjunction with our XML editor, Stylus Studio® supports JSP code sensing and auto-completion.

JSP syntax help and code completion

Powerful Related JSP Utilities and Editors

In addition to our JSP IDE, Stylus Studio® includes numerous other helpful XML and Web Development tools that are essential for any JSP developer, including our HTML-to-XML Converter, XSLT stylesheet designer, Java IDE, XML Schema Editor, etc. Shown below is an XML Schema for the JSP tag library specification, viewed in Stylus Studio®'s XML Schema Editor:

JSP 2.0 Schema

Stylus Studio®'s JSP IDE and related XML/XHTML development tools are helpful for building dynamic, server side java applications based on JavaServer Pages Technologies. Download a free trial now!

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