XQuery Documentation Generator (XQDoc Support)

Stylus Studio provides a convienient and easy way to document XQuery applications by providing support for xqDoc from directly from within the XQuery editor. xqDoc provides a simple vendor neutral solution for documenting XQuery library and main modules, as well as tools to generate a user friendly presentation of this documentation and cross reference information.

Using XQdoc to Document XQuery Applications

Generating XQuery Documentation

Generating XQuery documentation in Stylus Studio is easy — from within Stylus Studio, open an XQuery file then select "XQuery" -> "Generate xqDoc", as illustrated in the previous illustration. Stylus Studio will prompt you for a target director and will automatically generate the HTML pages. By documenting your XQuery files, you can simplify working on projects in software development teams because published documentation is easier to read then source code, and using an automated utility, it's easier to keep your documentation and source code synchronized.

About xqDoc

xqDoc was pioneered by by Darin McBeath. As XQuery applications became more complex, a seamless tool was needed to assist with documenting ever growing and complex XQuery library modules and main modules. Furthermore, as more developers within the Elsevier organization began to experiment with XQuery, there was increased need for example XQuery code and supporting documentation. xqDoc is today an open source project which uses the Apache License.


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