XSV (XML Schema Validator) is an open source (GPLed) schema-aware processor which implements standards defined by XML Schema Part 1: Structures and XML Schema Part 2: DataTypes. XSV was developed at the Language Technology Group of the Human Communication Research Centre in the Division of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, with support the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is widely accepted in the XML Schema development community as being the official reference implementation for the XML Schema language. Stylus Studio is the only XML IDE to provide seamless XML validation support for XSV. This is important because other tools vendors rely on their own proprietary XML Schema implementations. By providing support for XSV in Stylus Studio, developers can rest assured that their XML schemas and their data will truly be valid. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use XSV and Stylus Studio to simplify creating XML Schemas and validating XML instance documents.

XSV Parser

There is no need to download XSV because when you download Stylus Studio, it already comes bundled with the latest version of XSV 2.10! Furthermore there is no additional configuration needed to use XSV — simply open an XML document, associate the XML Schema and click on the validate XML button, then scroll down and select the XSV 2.10 processor from the combo box as illustrated in the following screenshot. Stylus Studio provides the easiest way to use the XSV Parser!

How to use the XSV Parser

XSV Validator

The XSV validator is fully-integrated in the Stylus Studio XML editor. When you validate an XML instance document, any errors reported by the XSV validator are displayed in the output window. If you click on the XSV error message in the output window, Stylus Studio will provide a description of the validation error, and highlight the line of code in your XML data file that is causing the problem, thus helping you identify the source of the problem and take corrective measures. Notice how in the following screenshot, the XML code with the syntax error is displayed in a different font color to further help in troubleshooting.

Using the XSV Validator

Validating XML Schemas with XSV

So far, we've seen just how easy it is to validate XML instance documents according to an existing XML Schema — but what if you don't have an XML Schema yet, and you'd like to know if the XML Schema you're building is indeed valid? Stylus Studio's XML Schema Editor provides integrated support for XSV, which supports the validation of XML Schemas, enabling you to check to see if your XML schema data models are properly defined according to the W3C XML Schema specification. Validating an XML Schema with XSV is easy, just click on the validate button as illustrated in the following screenshot. If there are any errors, Stylus Studio will report them to the output window, along with a detailed description of the problem.

Support for XSV in Stylus Studio is yet another way to help XML developers like you stick to the industry standards. Download XSV and Stylus Studio today!


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