Generate XML Schema

Stylus Studio® can generate an industry standard W3C XML Schema (or DTD) by correctly inferring an XML data model from an XML instance document. Auto-generating an XML Schema with Stylus Studio® is accomplished by loading any XML document into Stylus Studio®'s XML editor and clicking on the "Schema" tab, located at the bottom of Stylus Studio®'s XML editor as shown here:

Generate XML Schema

If an XML content model (expressed as an XML Schema or DTD) has already been assigned, Stylus Studio® will display the XML document's content model. However, if no XML content model has been assigned, Stylus Studio® will optionally generate an XML Schema (or DTD) for you as illustrated below. For more about the Schema tab, see our section on XML editing views.

Autogenerate XML Schema

Generating an XML Schema (or DTD) is easy: Just type in the file name and click OK. As you can see below, Stylus Studio® correctly infers XML elements, attributes, relationships, compositor models (for example, Optional, Choice, Sequence), data type (xs:integer, xs:string, for example), element references, and so on. Of course you can further refine the generated XML Schema using our powerful XML Schema Editor.

viewing an XML Schema

Associating the XML document with an XML Schema

Stylus Studio® inserts the XML code required to associate the XML instance document with its newly generated XML schema, so that you can easily edit and validate the XML document, as shown here — notice how in the books element, Stylus Studio has has inserted the xmlns:xsi="" and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation attributes which associate the XML document with the newly generated XML schema.

Validate XML document against XML Schema

Stylus Studio®'s integrated XML Schema generator (and DTD generator) is a powerful, complementary XML Schema utility that further accelerates developing and editing well-formed, valid XML documents — download a free trial today!


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