Stylus Studio Wins CRN Magazine Product of the Year Award

Dear Stylus Studio Friend,

We can't think of a better way to start the New Year than by proudly announcing that Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite was named Product of the Year by CRN Magazine! The Product of the Year Award recognizes software and hardware that break the mold and set the bar for technical excellence. In a crowded field of contenders, Stylus Studio clearly distinguished itself, earning CRN Magazine's ultimate accolade for Web Development tools.

You can see for yourself why Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite won Product of the Year honors by checking out three new videos that we've just added to our website. These videos show you how easy Stylus Studio's new XML Pipeline tool makes creating XML applications that link XML transformations, and how you can use the new XML Publisher to create reports using XML and non-XML data!

The good news doesn't end there – to celebrate our Product of the Year Award, and to help you see what all the fuss is about, we're offering a special Product of the Year Award sale. For this month, a great value in XML tools gets even better.

Just like our videos won't leave you in the dark, we want to help you navigate 2007. Our XML Developer's New Year's Resolutions will help you get the very best from the coming year, from the world's very best XML IDE – Stylus Studio!

Ivan Pedruzzi, Stylus Studio Product Manager

Table of Contents: January 2007

1) Product of the Year? Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite!

CRN Magazine names Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite the Product of the Year for Web Development.

Stylus Studio! Hey, that's us! Stylus Studio is the product of the year! Naturally, we're very excited! And you should be too...

We've felt for a long time (ok, we've known it, right down to our bones) that Stylus Studio is the leading XML IDE, so we weren't taken entirely by surprise when we learned of getting this award. With full support for emerging W3C standards, a completely integrated suite of tools, Java code generation for XSLT, XQuery, and XML Pipelines, and so much more, and all for a single low price, we knew we offered tremendous value and competency. Still, to be recognized as the leader in a crowded field of contenders (Stylus Studio! Product of the Year! Ok, so it's still sinking in…) is no small accomplishment. Of course, we have to thank the CRN staff, our distributor partners and our loyal customers for your support, comments, and suggestions – you play no small role in the ongoing innovation that has long been a hallmark of Stylus Studio.

So, what does "Product of the Year" really mean? What does it mean for you?

It means that by using Stylus Studio for all of your Web Development needs, you are using the BEST product on the market! Bar none. You can't get a program better than Stylus Studio – even if you pay more. And Stylus Studio is just going to keep getting better. The Stylus Studio team is continually working to make a great product even better. We're honored to receive this award, but we know there's always more we can do to ensure that you always have the best programs, the best tools, and the best web development software available on the planet.

Read the full CRN Magazine article about Stylus Studio and learn more about their product evaluation process.

2) Learn XML Pipeline and XML Publisher with New Tutorials

Want to learn what all this Product of the Year fuss is about? Do you have a personal computer with Internet access? Then have we got a deal for you. Stylus Studio has three new, fun, and exciting videos — one look, and you'll see for yourself why Stylus Studio pulled down CRN Magazine's top award for Product of the Year.

Let's start from the beginning... Do you have data over there, maybe in a relational database; and you need to get it over here, say in PDF or HTML? Watch this new video tutorial and see for yourself how Stylus Studio's XML Publisher can help you solve tough single-source publishing, multi-channel publishing, content management, and other XML publishing application challenges. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, graphic WYSIWYG editing controls, and seamless access to XML and non-XML data sources, it's easy to see why XML Publisher is a must-have tool for building data integration applications in today's web-centric world.

But wait – there's more :)

Individual XML transformations – the XQuery and XSLT backbone of most XML applications – can be difficult enough to tackle (though Stylus Studio's XML Mappers can have you creating even complex code in a few short minutes), and putting them together? It's a scary thought for even the most seasoned XML developer… until now. Stylus Studio's XML Pipeline Editor is a powerful visual data integration tool for designing, editing, debugging, and deploying complete XML applications. XML Pipeline development is an expansive topic, and that's why we've devoted two online video tutorials to XML Pipeline application development.

The first XML Pipeline online video tutorial covers the design and deployment of a data integration application that aggregates information from various heterogeneous data sources, including CSV and EDI, then publishes the result to both HTML and PDF. It sounds complex, but as you'll see in the video, if you can drag and drop (you can drag and drop, can't you?), you can build an XML Pipeline application.

The second XML Pipeline online video tutorial covers advanced features and use cases of XML Pipeline application development – including cross-language debugging and Java code generation for easy deployment. See for yourself how easy it is to build an XML Pipeline that converts text and EDI to XML and then uses XSLT and XQuery to create PDF and HTML reports.

Watch these videos and we think you'll agree that the XML Pipeline Editor, along with all of Stylus Studio's other powerful and easy to use features, helps make Stylus Studio the world's leading data integration tool, ideal for simplifying ETL, EII, EAI and other types of data integration applications.

To view these and other Stylus Studio online video tutorials, visit Stylus Studio's XML video tutorial library. (Also available in High Resolution)

4) Product of the Year Now on Sale

We're justifiably proud of winning CRN Magazine's Product of the Year Award, but we didn't do it alone. Our customers are very important to us, and to the growth of Stylus Studio. To say thank you, and to help get more folks working with the world's best XML IDE, we're happy to offer savings of up to 77% during our very special Product of the Year Sale.

By standardizing on Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite, your organization will get support for the latest XML standards and countless new features and enhancements to our award-winning XML development environment including the all new XML Pipeline, XML Publishing tools and so much more. This event is our way of thanking you, our customers, for your business and support. Take advantage of this unprecedented upgrade pricing now because the Product of the Year Sale ends Wednesday, January 31, 2007.

Product of the Year Savings Event: Save Up to 77% on Volume Purchases

Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite List Price Reduction You Pay
10 user-pack $8,950 58% $3,748.50
20 user-pack $17,900 65% $6,188.00
50 user-pack $44,750 70% $13,387.80
100 user-pack $89,500 77% $20,825.00

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