Recommended XML Books

We're pleased to provide free sample chapters of the following recommended XML books to further your XML education and training!

XPath 2.0 Programmer's Reference

The XPath 2.0 Programmer's Reference is the authoritative reference on XPath 2.0, a sub-language within XSLT that determines which part of an XML document the XSLT transforms. Written for professional programmers who use XML every day but find the W3C XPath specifications tough to slog through, the book explains in everyday language what every construct in the language does and how to use it. It also offers background material on the design thinking behind the language, gentle criticism of the language specification when appropriate, and a diverse range of interesting examples in various application areas.

XSLT: Programmers Reference

By: Dr. Michael Kay. For programmers who want to learn how to use the XSLT language for developing web applications. The book is in four parts: a detailed introduction to the concepts of the language, a reference section giving comprehensive specifications and working examples of every feature, a development guide giving design advice and case studies for the advanced user, and a product reference detailing the features and usage of the latest versions of Microsoft MSXML, Apache Xalan, Oracle XML, open source Saxon, the TRAX API and other processors and tools.

XML For Dummies 3rd Edition

XML for Dummies 3rd Edition is your indispensable introductory guide updated to cover the latest XML tools and techniques! Get the scoop on XML Schemas, XSLT, and Web services! Harness the power of XML and take the Web to the next level. Data exchange. Database connectivity. Complex document creation. With XML, you can create common formats for sharing information once you get the hang of all those rules. That's where this book comes in. Now updated to cover the latest XML developments, this friendly reference helps you get the hang of DTDs, XML Schema, XPath, and other applications and start putting XML to work.

Java & XML For Dummies

Java & XML For Dummies shows experienced Java developers how to start incorporating XML data in to their applications. Topics covered include Java/XML Bindings, SAX (Simple API for XML), DOM, SOAP, Web Services, data binding, XML from Java Applications, messaging with XML and Java, DTDs, namespaces, Xpath, CSS, UDDI, HTTP handing servers for SOAP and other XML format messages via serverlets, differences between parsers, Java API programming tools for handling XML, using XML to solve real-world programming problems, WSDL, UDDI, EAI, Message routing, turning java objects into XML, databases in XML.


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