XML Development Blogs

Blogging is the hottest fad on the Internet and Stylus Studio has jumped on the bandwagon. Bookmark the following XML web logs and point your newsreaders to their RSS or Atom feeds and keep up with all the latest XML buzz in the internet blogosphere!

XML Editor Blog

The Stylus Studio team offers tips, news and tutorials for maximizing your Stylus Studio XML Editor experience. Get the latest updates, learn useful techniques with XML, XSLT, Relax NG and more.


The XML-DEV email discussion forum was started nearly 10 years ago by Dr. Peter Murray-Rust and Dr. Henry Rzepa of Imperial College (UK), covering XML development topics including XML standards, XML specifications, and technical questions related to the eXtensible Markup Language. The XML-DEV Blog brings the XML-DEV community into the blogging era, enabling XML developers to easily follow hot threads.

XML Schema-Dev Blog

XML Schema-DEV is an open, un-moderated email list about XML Schema-releated development. XMLSCHEMA-Dev was founded in March, 2000 by Gerald Oskoboiny, and is today hosted by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C). XML Schema is a core XML technology used in conjunction with XML, XSLT, XQuery and Web Services technologies and it's no wonder that XML Schema Dev is today among the most active W3C mailing lists. Got a strange XML Schema validation error? Ask the experts at XML Schema-Dev.

XQuery-Talk Blog

The XQuery-Talk developer forum was started by Java guru Jason Hunter and is hosted by xquery.com. It's a great forum to get to interact with the growing XQuery developer community, including implementors of XQuery products and technologies.

EDI List (EDI-L) Blog

EDI-L is the world's largest technical forum for discussing topics related to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), including EDIFACT, and X12 Technologies. Topics include EDI Software, EDI Standards, EDI applications, EDI examples, and more.


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