XML for Dummies Third Edition

XML For DummiesWe're pleased to provide chapter one of the popular XML for Dummies book, entitled Understanding What XML Is — and Why You Should Care, by Ed Tittel. XML for dummies is an indispensable introductory guide updated to cover the latest XML tools and techniques! Get the scoop on XML Schemas, XSLT, and Web services! Harness the power of XML and take the Web to the next level! Data exchange. Database connectivity. Complex document creation. With XML, you can create common formats for sharing information once you get the hang of all those rules. That's where this book comes in. Now updated to cover the latest XML developments, this friendly reference helps you get the hang of DTDs, XML Schema, XPath, and other applications and start putting XML to work.

Table of contents

  • Introduction.
  • PART I: Why XML Is "eXtreMely cool".
    • Chapter 1: Understanding What XML Is - and Why You Should Care.
    • Chapter 2: Comparing and Combining HTML and XML.
    • Chapter 3: Getting XML Basics Down Pat.
  • PART II: XML Basics.
    • Chapter 4: Planning an XML Document That Does Something Great.
    • Chapter 5: Defining XML Documents.
    • Chapter 6: Understanding and Using DTDs.
    • Chapter 7: Creating Custom DTDs.
    • Chapter 8: Understanding and Using XML Schema.
    • Chapter 9: Building Custom XML Schemas.
  • PART III: Putting XML to Work.
    • Chapter 10: DTDs at Work.
    • Chapter 11: XML Schema at Work.
    • Chapter 12: Adding Character to XML.
  • PART IV: Using and Delivering XML Content.
    • Chapter 13: Inside an XML Solution.
    • Chapter 14: Using XSL with XML.
    • Chapter 15: Processing XML.
    • Chapter 16: Viewing XML on the Web.
  • PART V: XML's Lovely Linking Languages.
    • Chapter 17: The XML Linking Language.
    • Chapter 18: The XML Path Language.
    • Chapter 19: The XML Pointer Language.
  • PART VI: XML in the Real World.
    • Chapter 20: Cool XML Tools and Technologies.
    • Chapter 21: XML and Web Services.
    • Chapter 22: XML on the Spot!
  • PART VII: The Part of Tens.
    • Chapter 23: Ten Top XML Applications.
    • Chapter 24: Ten Ultimate XML Resources.
    • Appendix A: About the CD.
    • Appendix B: Glossary.
    • Index.

Author Biography

Ed Tittel (Austin, Texas) is a full-time writer and trainer who manages a small gang of technoids at LANWrights, a wholly owned subsidiary of LeapIt.com, based in Austin, TX. A freelance writer since 1986, Ed has written hundreds of magazine articles and worked on more than 110 computer books, including over 20 For Dummies titles. Ed teaches on computer subjects for Austin Community College, the NetWorld + Inerop trade show, and The Internet Security Conference (TISC). In his spare time, Ed likes to travel, shoot pool, and hang with his Labrador retriever, Blackie.

Additional Book Information

Author: Ed Tittel
Paperback: 408 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 3 edition (May 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0764516574


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