The Stylus Scoop December 2004 —

Dear Stylus Studio Friends,

Season's greetings! As we peer over the cusp of 2004 (or is it the cusp of 2005?), we can't help but notice all the Best of lists appearing on television entertainment programs, magazines, and the Internets, each one gamely trying to summarize the year past. Interesting, and sentimental, to be sure. But we at Stylus Studio are more interested in looking to the future, and so, we are pleased to present our Top Ten XQuery trends for 2005, according to the experts. This issue of The Scoop also contains an interview with XQuery and XML Schema expert Priscilla Walmsley, who provides her take on XQuery technologies and a round-up of the buzz at the recent XML 2004 Conference and Exposition in Washington D.C. In the pages of The Scoop, you'll also find a user survey - we'd like to know what you think about Stylus Studio. As a thank you, we'll stuff the stockings of the first 500 survey respondents with a free Stylus Studio t-shirt! (No ties or mittens, no sir! Not from us!)

That's all for this month! Best wishes for a Happy New Year from the Stylus Studio Team!

Ivan Pedruzzi, Product Architect, and the Stylus Studio Team

Table of Contents - December 2004

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We need your feedback! Help us build you the next generation of XML development tools by taking a minute to fill out the Stylus Studio XML Developer's Survey. Your input - letting us know what you think is important, and what's not - plays a large role in helping us define the next generation of Stylus Studio. To thank you for taking the time, we're going to give away 500 brand-new Stylus Studio t-shirts featuring our new product logo! Take the survey today!

Q: Does my opinion really matter?
A: Yes! We value and act on your feedback. Dubious? Here's what P. Farmer of CACI had to say about this matter: "I can't believe someone actually read my report and better yet fixed it. Not something you see happen every day. Thanks so much for fixing this for the next release. It really does say something about the Developers for Stylus Studio."

Q: Do you really send out free T-shirts? Can you prove it - and how good are they?
A: Yes, we do send out t-shirts. Made of 100% cool, comfy cotton. Join the ranks of hundreds of XML developers from dozens of countries world-wide who have won a much-sought-after Stylus Studio T-shirt. One such winner, Lee Humphries of Left and Right Design recently said: "If it wasn't for Stylus Studio I wouldn't have
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" A partial list of winners (alas, without the illuminating sartorial commentary) is posted here.

Q: If I fill out this survey, what are my odds of wining a free T-shirt?
A: Well... We're giving away 500 free T-shirts. Technically the odds of winning are based on the number of complete survey submissions received, which is impossible to predict. But based on the number of entries received in our last survey, we believe the odds are quite favorable. Want to improve your chances? Take the survey now!

Ten reasons why XQuery will change your life in 2005

From our offices in Bedford, Massachusetts - the XQuery capital of the world - the Stylus Studio Team proudly presents the top 10 XQuery trends to look for in 2005 (based on a healthy mixture of marketing chutzpah and a wholly non-scientific survey of leading XQuery industry experts). So forget about giving yourself washboard abs and spending more time with your family, and resolve to get tight with XQuery in 2005! Learn how XQuery will change the way enterprise software applications are built - read the article online now!

An interview with Priscilla Walmsley on XQuery and XML Schema

Scoop Editor Ivan Pedruzzi caught up with Priscilla Walmsley at the XML Conference & Exhibition 2004 last month, where Ms. Walmsley gave a presentation entitled "Introduction to XQuery". The two chatted about the XQuery buzz, XML Schema, XQJ technologies, Ms. Walmsley's upcoming XQuery book, and other hot topics in the XQuery development arena that are sure to be of interest to XML developers. Ms. Walmsley was a member of the W3C XML Schema Working Group from 1999 to 2004, and editor of the second edition of XML Schema Part 0 (Primer). Ms. Walmsley also wrote "Definitive XML Schema" (Prentice Hall) and is an expert on XQuery and XML Schema technologies. Read the complete interview here.

Why I switched to Stylus Studio - True stories from the front lines

We've been getting a lot of reader mail recently. Here's just a sample plucked from our in box:

A. Dent of CSIRO Exploration & Mining said: "Stylus Studio is setting the feature set for the competition."

F. Miu of Omnis Group said: "Stylus Studio is a serious product which responds to the most advanced users needs."

Ashok. G, Software Engineer at ELGI said: "Initially, I had reservations about writing long XML code, but now, after using Stylus Studio, I love to write the code and
have fun. It was very easy and comfortable with a very nice User environment. Hats off.... and please keep up the good work.

And finally Daniel Cinter, one of the winners of last month's XSLT and XPath 2.0 book giveaway contest, said: "I'm learning XML & XSLT - Stylus Studio helped me a lot, to transform and create different types of data. The two books will further improve my efficiency in these areas; it's the best Christmas gift ever! ;)"

Read more about what people are saying about Stylus Studio, Or tell us what you think about Stylus Studio, The Stylus Scoop or anything else - we'll respond!

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