The Stylus Scoop November 2004 —

Dear Stylus Studio Friends,

This month's featured XML tech talk is with database guru Mike Olson, one of the original developers of Berkeley DB, the world's most widely deployed database — about 200 million deployments at last count, including apps from companies like Yahoo!, Google, and Amazon. We chatted about his take on native XML databases and XQuery technologies. Elsewhere in this edition of The Scoop you can read about the new Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition, available now for download, and about numerous new videos and whitepapers available for free on our Web site. And, on a topical note, we're asking for your vote in the upcoming election, too. Let us know what you think

Ivan Pedruzzi, Product Architect, and the Stylus Studio Team

Table of Contents - November 2004

An Interview with Mike Olson on Native XML Databases and XQuery Technologies

Mike Olson is the President and CEO of Sleepycat Software, the makers of Berkeley DB, the most widely-used open source developer database software on planet Earth with more than 200 million deployments launched by customers including Google, Yahoo!, and Mr. Olson was one of the original authors of the Berkeley DB software and a technical expert on database and XML technologies. In this month's XML tech talk, Ivan Pedruzzi, Stylus Studio's Senior Product Architect, gets Mr. Olson's take on native XML databases, XML querying technologies like XPath, XQuery, and XQJ, and other related XML technologies. You can read the complete interview for free at:

Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition Available Now!

Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition, a special edition of Stylus Studio designed for students and home users learning or working with XML technologies in educational and other non-commercial settings, is available for download.

Highlights of the newly updated Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition include:

  • XSLT 2.0 Editor and Debugger — Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition's XSLT Editor and XSLT Debugger have been updated to include full support for XSLT 2.0 editing, debugging, transformation, validation, and back mapping. Stylus Studio's support for XPath 2.0 further solidifies our leadership in providing the most advanced development environment for XSLT.
  • XML Schema Diagram Editor — Stylus Studio 6 XML Professional Edition features an all-new XML Schema Diagram Editor that allows you to visually define advanced XML data models. A contemporary text pane lets you see the XML Schema text Stylus Studio creates for you as you work with the diagram. Both text and diagram views are kept completely synchronized — changes you make in the diagram are immediately reflected in the text view, and vice versa. Stylus Studio's new XML Schema Diagram Editor is a great tool for learning XML Schema.
  • Updated Look and Feel — We've given Stylus Studio a totally re-designed look and feel that improves its already impressive usability. We think you'll like what you see -- download Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition today and decide for yourself!

You can buy Stylus Studio 6 Home Edition at our online shop for just $49 (USD) for a single-user license. When you are ready, upgrade to Stylus 6 XML Professional Edition from our online shop, or you can get it today for only $495 (USD) for a single user license at our online shop.

New Online Video Demonstrations: XML Differencing and Convert to XML

Do you like movies? We do (we confess that we've always wanted to direct), and so we've published exciting new online video demonstrations of some of Stylus Studio's recently added features including XML Differencing and Convert to XML, our new legacy data-to-XML data conversation utility. The critics agree — Stylus Studio video demonstrations are fun for the entire engineering department! Grab some popcorn and a box of Sno-Caps, and settle in for your private online video screening.

Stylus Studio Case Study: FIXML - Working with complex message sets in XML Schema

A new case study about XML technologies in the financial industry explains how Stylus Studio users can leverage our newly re-designed XML Schema Editor to make sense of advanced XML data models, in particular, the Financial Information Exchange Markup Language (FIXML) data model. This case study is a must-read for XML software professionals working on Wall Street! The new FIXML case study is available for (a very unWall Street like) free reading at our website.

Join us at XML Conference and Exposition 2004 — Free Expo Passes!

We're giving away free Expo passes for the upcoming XML 2004 Conference and Exposition this November in Washington, DC. Visit Stylus Studio and DataDirect Technologies and the Stylus Studio team at Booth 201 to learn more about XQuery tools and components! If you register by November 8, 2004, you'll receive a free Expo Pass compliments of Stylus Studio and DataDirect Technologies. For More Information on how to get your free pass, see our website.

While you're at the conference, please join Jonathan Robie, XQuery co- author and XML Program Manager at DataDirect Technologies, for a free breakfast and a discussion about emerging XQuery and XML technologies and what they mean for application developers and corporate IT departments - register today!

Vote for Stylus Studio in 2004!

With Election Day on the doorstep of America as The Scoop goes to press, Stylus Studio is asking for your vote! We've manned phone banks, knocked on doors, sent e-mails, and now we're using the bully pulpit of The Scoop to speak directly to you, the XML application developer and integration architect. Vote with your pocketbooks for Stylus Studio — download, install, and register today! Learn more about where we stand on the issues at our website.

It's been a long, hard campaign, but one filled with many rewarding moments. Along the campaign trail, we've had the good fortune to talk with people from all walks of life, from the XML developer in Ames, Iowa, to the integration architect in Columbus, Ohio. Folks like you, so different, and yet with so much in common. Here's just a sample of what we heard while out on the hustings:

I really like Stylus Studio. I am relieved to find an editor that has the flexibility I need while working with XSLT. The videos on the site were very helpful. Thanks again for making a great product. — Robert Blaske, Web Developer & Designer, Realm Communications

Stylus Studio is much better suited for XSLT development than competitive products. I switched to Stylus Studio the minute I found out that I could not use the competitors built-in XSLT processor to debug XSLT extensions. It was also frustrating that the competition forced you to look at the output as HTML. — Faizal Haji, Founder and Principal Consultant, Sultan Consulting. (November, 2004)

Stylus Studio stays open on my computer almost all the time. There isn't a day that I am not using it. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who works with XML. You have created the best product on the market that will enable many people to be work with XML productively and effectively. Great job! — Ira Fuchs, Director of The Center for XML and Web Services Technologies at CCC/CUNY

But it all starts with your vote. Vote today! Download! Install! Register!

(We're the Stylus Studio team, and we approve this message.)

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