Support for US National Library of Medicine (NLM) Industry Standard DTD's

Stylus Studio provides support for editing and validating XML documents using various data models defined using DTD's by the US National Library of Medicine. In this tutorial, we'll provide a step-by-step overview of how to use the NLM DTD's in Stylus Studio.

Using the Catalog Wizard

Catalogs in XML provide a mapping from a generic addresses to specific local directories on a given machine. In Stylus Studio, Catalogs can be used to locate the NLM DTD, system entity files, and stylesheet files during processing, thus adding a degree of flexibility to your setup. The medicine.xml catalog is included with Stylus Studio, to add it to the local project, select File -> Document Wizards -> User Defined Catalogs, then choose the medicine.xml file containing the United States National Library of Medicine Journal Publishing, Archiving and Interchange Schemas and click OK as illustrated here:

Using the Catalog Wizard

Once you've set this up, if you rearrange things or transfer to a different system, you can just edit the catalog file to remap all the old paths to new locations. This process is also demonstrated in an online video demonstration entitled: Using OASIS XML Catalogs in Stylus Studio.

Delegation Catalogs

Now when you're editing an XML file, Stylus Studio's XML editor automatically inserts a line of XML code which points to the delegation catalog that refers to an online copy of medicine.xml, as illustrated in the following screenshot:

The NCIS Delegation Catalog

Notice how Stylus Studio automatically displays the NCIS catalog in your project window.

DOCTYPE public ID completion code

Stylus Studio provides syntax help for remembering the various NCIS document types, providing the public ID string from a list of choices. Our code completion understands elements and attributes, and even searches catalogs for DOCTYPE references, as illustrated here:

The NCIS Delegation Catalog

Intelligent Auto-Completion

Stylus Studio's Sense:X intelligent XML editing provides auto-completion of NCIS elements and attributes. In the following illustration, Stylus Studio is suggesting several possible attributes for the <article> element.

The NCIS Delegation Catalog

Simplify working with industry-standard XML data models including the NLM DTD's using Stylus Studio XML editing, validating and catalogs support today.


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