XML Project Window

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Project Window allows you to easily organize your project's files. Stylus Studio®s' project metaphor also supports integration with many industry-standard source control repositories, including Microsoft Visual Source Safe, ClearCase, and CVS. It also supports universal file access (through WebDAV, FTP, etc.), enabling you to work with files anywhere on the network.

Visually Organize XML Files

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Project Window is an intuitive, visual feature for organizing files belonging to a project. It supports different file-type icons and nested folders; many helpful options are available from the context menu.

XML Project Window

Source Control Integration

Use Stylus Studio® X16 XML in conjunction with industry leading source code repositories and servers, including Microsoft Visual Source safe, ClearCase, and CVS. Easily check-in/check-out, get the latest version, undo-checkout, and add/remove from source control.

Integrated XML Source Control

Universal File System Access

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's File Explorer provides pluggable data-access and file system abstraction layers. The data-access abstraction layer give access to files anywhere on the network via WebDAV or FTP — the same way that you would access files on the local file system. A file system abstraction layer allows you read and write to external data sources, such as Web Service Calls and relational data in the same way that you might read and write to a file on the local file system. This powerful functionality is exposed through an extensibility API, enabling ISVs to create a Stylus Studio® plug-in.

access WEBDAV, FTP, Databases, Web Services, or other custom file systems

New Project Wizard

It's easy to get Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Project Window up and running with your existing software projects. To get started, just use the New Project Wizard, which connects to a source control server and automatically creates a project file based on its contents!

New XML Project Wizard

Stylus Studio® X16 XML's Project Window allows you to organize files residing locally or anywhere on the network, in a way that is easy, intuitive, and integrated with various source control servers. process.


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