General Editing Utilities

Stylus Studio® X16 XML has a broad array of editing features that further simplify day-to-day XML editing tasks.

Robust Editing Capabilities

Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes a robust editor:

  • Comment/Uncomment selected region,
  • Line Numbering,
  • Go-to Line,
  • Copy/Paste,
  • Unlimited Undo/Re-do,
  • Find/Find Next/Replace (supports regular expression matching),
  • Print/Print-Preview,
  • Collapsable Regions,
  • Syntax Coloring,
  • Context- and Language-Specific Sense:X Code Completion
  • Ability to Load Large XML Files,
  • and much more!

In short, Stylus Studio® offers everything that you would expect from a world-class XML editor!

XML Indenter

Unicode and Other File Encoding Support

Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports over 300 different file encodings, including UTF-8, UTF-16, EUC-JP, SHIFT-JIS, and so on, allowing you to work with any XML document.

Edit and Save in any File Format

Stylus Studio® X16 XML provides everything you would expect from a leading XML editor, and then some!

Supported File Encodings in Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio supports the following file encodings:

  • ASCII: ANSI_X3.4-1968, ANSI_X3.4-1986, ASCII, ISO646-US, US-ASCII, ascii7, iso-ir-6, us, Windows-20127
  • Double Byte Character Set: GB2312.1980-0, chinese, gb2312-1980, iso-ir-58
  • HZ: HZ, HZ-GB-2312
  • ISO 2022: ISO-2022-CN, ISO-2022-CN-EXT, ISO-2022-JP, ISO-2022-JP-1, ISO-2022-JB-2, ISO-2022-KR, JIS, JIS7, JIS8, JIS_Encoding
  • LBMCS-1: LMBCS-1, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-2: LMBCS-2, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-3: LMBCS-3, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-4: LMBCS-4, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-5: LMBCS-5, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-6: LMBCS-6, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-8: LMBCS-8, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-11: LMBCS-11, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-16: LMBCS-16, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-17: LMBCS-17, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-18: LMBCS-18, lmbcs
  • LBMCS-19: LMBCS-19, lmbcs
  • Latin-1: ISO-8859-1, iso-ir-100, l1, latin1
  • Multi Byte Character Set: Big5, Big5-HKSCS, EUC-CN, EUC-JP, EUC-KR, EUC-TW, Extended_Unix_Code_Packed_for_Japanese, GB2312, GBK, HKSCS-BIG5, KSC_5601, KS_C_5601-1987, KS_C_5601-1989, MS936, MS_Kanji, Shift_JIS, X-EUC-JP, big5hk, cns11643, eucjis, gb18030, hp15CN, iso-ir-149, korean, ksc, macos-2566-10.2, ms932, ms949, pck, shift_jis78, sjis, sjis78, windows-31j, windows-51932, windows-51949, windows-54936, windows-932, windows-936, windows-936, windows-936-2000, windows-949, windows-949-2000, windows-950, windows-950-2000, x-big5, x-ms-cp932, x-sjis
  • Other: BOCU-1, CESU-8, IMAP-mailbox-name, iscii-bng, iscii-dev, iscii-guj, iscii-knd, iscii-mlm, iscii-ori, iscii-tlg, iscii-tlm, windows-57002, windows-57003, windows-57004. windows-57005, windows-57006, windows-57007, windows-57008, windows-57009, windows-57010, windows-57011, x-iscii-as, x-iscii-be, x-iscii-de, x-iscii-gu, x-iscii-ka, x-iscii-ma, x-iscii-or, x-iscii-pa, x-iscii-ta, x-iscii-te
  • Single Byte Character Set: ASMO-708, Adobe-Latin-1-Encoding, Adobe-Standard-Encoding, CCSID00858, CCSID01140, CCSID01141, CCSID01142, CCSID01143, CCSID01144, CCSID01145, CCSID01146, CCSID01147, CCSID01148, CCSID01149, DOS-862, EBCDIC-CP-DK, EBCDIC-CP-NO, EBCDIC-JP-kana, EMCA-114, EMCA-118, EMCA-128, ELOT_928, ISO-8859-6-E, ISO-8859-6-I, ISO-8859-8-E ISO-8859-8-i, JIS_X0201, K0I8-R, Latin-9, MS874, TIS-620, X0201, arabic, cyrillic, ebcdic-ar, ebcdic-ar-1, ebcdic-cp-ar1, ebcdic-cp-ar2, ebcdic-cp-be, ebcdic-cp-ca, ebcdic-cp-ch, ebcdic-cp-es, ebcdic-cp-fi, ebcdic-cp-fr, ebcdic-cp-gb, ebcdic-cp-he, ebcdic-cp-is, ebcdic-cp-it, ebcdic-cp-nl, ebcdic-cp-roece, ebcdic-cp-se, ebcdic-gb, ebcdic-he, ebcdic-is, ebcdic-sv, ebcdic-xml-us, eucTH, greek, greek8, hebrew, hp-roman8, iso-8859-13, iso-8859-15, iso-8859-2, iso-8859-3, iso-8859-4, iso-8859-5, iso-8859-6, iso-8859-7, iso-8859-8, iso-8859-9, iso-ir-101, iso-ir-109, iso-ir-110, iso-ir-126, iso-ir-127, iso-ir-138, iso-ir-144, iso-ir-148, iso8859_15_fdis, koi8, l2, l3, l4, l5, l9, latin0, latin2, latin3, latin4, latin5, mac, macce, maccy, macgr, macintosy, macos-0_2-10.2, macos-29-10.2, macos-35-10.2, macos-6-10.2, macos-7_3-10.2, mactr, r8, roman8, tis620.2533
  • UTF16: ISO-10646-UCS-2, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF16_BigEndian, UTF16_LittleEndian, UTF16_OppositeEndian, UTF16_PlatformEndian, usc-2, unicode, windows-1200, windows-1201, x-utf-16be, x-utf-16le
  • UTF32: ISO-10646-UCS-4, UTF-32, UTF-32BE, UTF-32LE, UTF32_BigEndian, UTF32_LittleEndian, UTF32_OppositeEndian, UTF32_PlatformEndian, ucs-4
  • UTF7: UTF-7, Windows-65000
  • UTF8: UTF-8, Windows-65001


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