Convert DTD to Schema

Stylus Studio® includes a convert DTD to XSD for migrating older XML applications to the latest W3C XML Schema specification. The benefits of of moving from DTD to Schema include more powerful ways of defining data structures, re-usability, and type-safety which simplifies working with relational data and popular programming languages like Java, C+++ and C#, as well as XQuery, XSLT and Web service technologies.

In addition to DTD and XML Schema generation capabilities, Stylus Studio® supports conversion of DTDs to XML Schemas, a more the W3C's recommended XML data modeling language. Just click File > Document Wizards to display the DTD to XML Schema conversion Wizard and others.

Convert a Document Type Definition to XML Schema

Converting older DTDs to XML Schema provides numerous powerful benefits, including:

  • Support for primitive (built-in) data types (eg: xsd:integer, xsd:string, xsd:date, and so on), which facilitates using XML in conjunction with other typed-data, including relational data.
  • The ability to define custom data types, using object-oriented data modeling principles: encapsulation, inheritance, and substitution.

Stylus Studio®'s DTD to XML Schema Wizard makes it easy to migrate from DTDs to XML Schema.

In summary: Stylus Studio®'s automatic generation capabilities for DTDs and XML Schemas and its DTD-to-XSD conversion tools ensure easy development XML of content models without requiring any prior knowledge of complex DTD or XML Schema syntax.


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