XQuery Integration

Need to integrate relational, XML, EDI and other data sources? New XQuery technologies from the W3C provide a powerful approach to simplifying legacy data integration in a way that leverages industry standards, proven open-source XML processing components, and Stylus Studio's integrated XQuery and XML developer tools.

XQuery is more then just a neat way to query more then just XML — using DataDirect XQuery, you could access any various XML processing components including DataDirect XQuery Using XQuery for data integration is perfect aggregating, replicating, converting and loading data from across the enterprise — unlocking valuable data and content, enabling you to meet your business objectives.


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New XQuery & Web Services Tools, Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, HL7 EDI, Microsoft .NET Code Generation and much more!

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Top Ten XQuery Trends

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XQuery Tutorial

A new XQuery Tutorial covers building XQuery-Based Web Service Aggregation and Reporting Applications.

Learn XQuery in Ten Minutes

Read the world's fastest XQuery Primer written by W3C XML guru, Dr. Michael Kay, the 2005 Winner of the XML World Cup!

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