DTD vs Schema

Both Document Type Definitions (DTD's) and XML Schemas (XSD's, also known as WXS) are industry-standard ways to define XML-based data models, and you'll find many tools and utilities for working with both DTD and XML Schema in Stylus Studio. There are many technical benefits of migrating older DTDs to XML Schema, including:

  • Support for primitive (built-in) data types (eg: xsd:integer, xsd:string, xsd:date, and so on), which facilitates using XML in conjunction with other typed-data, including relational data.
  • The ability to define custom data types, using object-oriented data modeling principles: encapsulation, inheritance, and substitution.
  • Compatibility other XML technologies, for example, Web services, XQuery, XSLT and other technologies can optionally be schema-aware.

Just in case you were wondering what some of these acronyms actually stand for:

DTDDocument Type Definition
XSDXML Schema Document
WXSW3C XML Schema — another name for XSD
XMLExtensible Markup Language

DTD vs XSD, DTD vs Schema


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