Berkeley DB XML

Previous versions of Stylus Studio® included integrated support for Berkeley DB XML, to provide integrated data access tools and XQuery processing facilities for Berkeley DB XML directly within Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite. This functionality has been discontinued as of Stylus Studio 2007 Release 2. The following information is provided for users of older versions of the product.

Open/Query and Save XML to/from Berkeley DB XML

Stylus Studio® has integrated support accessing and querying any Berkeley DB XML instance via XQuery directly from the Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite file->open dialog (see illustration below). Seamlessly query or read data from a live Berkeley DB XML data source, edit and save back without the hassle. Perfect for helping visualize what queries to run and how to optimize them. Integration of Berkeley DB XML with Stylus Studio®'s Universal File System Architecture also means that XML developers can now use live Berkeley DB XML data sources throughout Stylus Studio® — as a live data input source in Stylus Studio®'s XML Mapper, for example.

Loading XML Data Sources from Berkeley DB XML into Stylus Studio®

About Berkeley DB XML

Berkeley DB XML is an application-specific native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB, the world's most widely deployed data management engine. Berkeley DB XML provides fast, reliable, scalable and cost-effective storage and retrieval for native XML data and semi-structured data. Berkeley DB XML is supplied as a library that links directly into the application's address space. This provides superior performance by eliminating bottlenecks that occur in client-server systems.

Berkeley DB XML stores XML documents in collections. A single application may operate on many collections at the same time. A single application may also combine data from different collections easily. Berkeley DB and Berkeley DB XML can seamlessly work together to store XML and non-XML data with full support for transactions and recovery. Berkeley DB XML enables fast look up by allowing individual collections to be indexed differently. This allows Berkeley DB XML to speed up the common queries over particular collections. Each collection supports multiple indexes. A wide variety of available indexing schemes support different XPath queries efficiently.


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