Stylus Studio®'s advanced Integrated Development Environnment for XSL/XSLT (XSL/XSLT IDE) fully supports both XSL 1.0 and XSL 2.0, including all three sub-sections of the XSL specification: XSLT, XPath, and XSL:FO technologies, offering the most comprehensive suite of XSL/XSLT tools for editing, mapping, debugging and profiling any XSL/XSLT stylesheet. Stylus Studio®'s software development tools support the official W3C XSL specification in the following ways:

XSLT Editing

Stylus Studio® was designed from scratch to be the ultimate XSLT IDE. It features countless XSLT editing features including XSLT code competition, single-click XSLT transformation, a powerful XSLT preview window, XSLT template refactoring, an XML input source tree view, and many other helpful XSLT editing features.

XSLT Debugging

Stylus Studio® includes a powerful XSLT Debugger that allows you to take full control over every aspect of the XSLT transformation process. You can set breakpoints, step through an XSLT stylesheet line-by-line, set watches on variables, view the XSLT template stack, and even step through Java XSLT extension functions in our integrated Java IDE — and you can do all of this any XSLT processor!

XSL/XSLT Profiling

Advanced XML data integration applications are processor-intensive, involving volumes of data and scores of complex calculations. Stylus Studio®'s XSLT profiler allows you to closely monitor the performance of XSLT stylesheets as they are executed allowing you to identify and eliminate potential performance bottlenecks, accelerating your application. You can also compare performance benchmarks across different XSLT processors. Stylus Studio®'s XSL/XSLT profiling tools are a requirement for the most demanding XSLT applications.

XSL/XSLT Mapping

To ease complexities associated with XSL and XSLT development, Stylus Studio® provides numerous visual XSL/XSLT mapping tools that enable developers to create advanced XML data mappings, for example, XML-to-XML, XML-to-Database, Database-to-XML, XML-to-PDF, XML-to-HTML, HTML-to-XML, Flat File to XML, Web Service-to-XML, XML Schema-to-XML Schema, etc. Our intuitive XSL/XSLT mappers operate on industry standard XSLT stylesheets and do not require any previous understanding of XSLT programming.

XSL:FO Editing

The eXtensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Object (XSL:FO) specification is a standards based, XML vocabulary for s pecifying advanced document layouts (i.e. document formatting semantics). Stylus Studio® includes an XSL:FO editor with integrated support with Apache FOP (an open source XSL:FO Processor) and RenderX XEP.

Integration With Any XSL Processor

Both XSLT and XSL:FO technologies express data transformations and formatting instructions in terms of stylesheets and templates which are executed within the context of an XSL processor. Today, dozens of such XSL processors (both commercial and open source) are widely available, in many different programming languages — Stylus Studio® is the only tool to support seamless integration with them all! Through a unique, extensible XSLT architecture, Stylus Studio® provides out-of-the-box support for editing, debugging, mapping and profiling XSL and XSLT stylesheets in conjunction with any XSL processor, including MSXML 4.0 (DOM and SAX), Apache Xalan-J, Apache Xerces-J, Apache FOP, Saxon XSLT, and other XSL processors.

Advanced Support for XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0

Stylus Studio® includes complete support for both XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 by means of a diverse offering of XPath tools including an XPath editor, XPath analyzer and XPath generator, which are all integrated throughout our various XSL/XSLT editors and utilities.

XSL/XSLT Tutorials and Technical Resources

We're pleased to provide the XSL/XSLT development community with a collection of free technical resources including numerous helpful XSL/XSLT videos, whitepapers, W3C technical specifications for XSL:FO, XSLT, XPath, and much more.

XSL/XSLT Developer Forums

We've set up an archived, searchable discussion forum dedicated to the topic of XSLT Help and Discussion hosted on our Stylus Studio® Developer Network and overseen by Stylus Studio® engineers. Join the XSL discussion today!


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