Invoking a SOAP Request in an XQuery

To invoke a SOAP request in an XQuery:
1. Create a new Web service call and configure the SOAP request as required. See How to Compose a Web Service Call if you need help with this step.
2. Generate XQuery code from the Web service call. See How to Generate XQuery from a Web Service Call if you need help with this step.

As a result of this step, XQuery code is copied to your system's clipboard.

3. Open a new XQuery ( File > New > XQuery File). Make sure you are using either the built-in, Saxon, or DataDirect XQuery processor. See Selecting an XQuery Processor if you need help with this step.
4. Paste the clipboard contents into the XQuery document.
5. If necessary, modify your sytem's Classpath as described in Requirements.
6. Preview the XQuery by clicking the Preview Result button at the top of the XQuery Editor.

The results of the SOAP request contained in the XQuery appear in the Preview window.

7. If you are satisfied with the results, save the XQuery.
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