Chapter 3 Converting Non-XML Files to XML


The Convert to XML module is available only in Stylus Studio XML Enterprise Suite.

Stylus Studio uses adapters to convert an incoming stream of data from a native format to an outgoing stream of XML, or vice-versa. You can create your own adapters, using the Convert to XML module, or you can use one of the many built-in adapters bundled with Stylus Studio.

This chapter describes how to use Convert to XML to create an adapter, how to use files you convert on-the-fly elsewhere in Stylus Studio - as a source for XQuery and XSLT design, for example - and how to use Stylus Studio's built-in adapters.


Watch it! You can view a video demonstration of this feature by clicking the television icon or by clicking this link: watch the Introduction to Convert to XML video.

You can read about other video demonstrations for the Stylus Studio Convert to XML module here: A complete list of all the videos demonstrating Stylus Studio's features is here:

This chapter covers the following topics:

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