Options for Saving Documents

The Application Settings page of the Options dialog box contains two options that affect when and how documents are saved in Stylus Studio. You can choose to have Stylus Studio

  • Save modified documents every few minutes. This option is off by default, and has a default setting of 10 minutes.
  • Create a backup copy of a document when it is saved.

More About Backup Files

Backup copies are created with a * .bak extension appended to the original document name when saved to the Stylus Studio file system. For example, the backup copy of books.xml would be books.xml.bak. If you are saving to an external file system (such as Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML), the file system manages the backup file name.

Backup files are written to the same file system as the original document. They are not displayed in the Project window, and they appear in the File Explorer window only if you change the filter to display * .bak files.

Opening a Backup File

You can open a backup file

  • From the File Explorer window, by double-clicking the file name or selecting Open or Open With from the file's shortcut menu, for example
  • From the Project window, by selecting the file and then selecting either
    • Open Latest Backup from the file's shortcut menu (right-click to display), or
    • Project > Open Document's Latest Backup from the Stylus Studio menu
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