Chapter 6 Debugging Stylesheets

Stylus Studio provides several tools that allow you to follow XSLT processing and detect errors in your stylesheets. To use these tools, you must use the processors displayed in the Debug and back-mapping enabled section of the Processors page on the Scenario Properties dialog box. These processors include Stylus Studio's XSLT processor, Apache Xalan-J, MSXML .Net, and Saxon 6 and 8. If you use the MSXML XSLT processor or some other XSLT processor, you cannot use the Stylus Studio debugging and backmapping tools.

You can also use the Stylus Studio debugger to analyze Java files, or applications that include both stylesheets and Java files. In addition, you can use Stylus Studio to debug JavaScript and VBScript extension functions. See the Microsoft documentation for information about these extension functions.

This section discusses the following topics:

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