Defining Elements of the Sample complexType in the Diagram View

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In the final step of defining bookstoreDiagram.xsd, you define elements that are of the PublicationType complexTypes you defined earlier - book, magazine, and newsletter elements.

To define the book, magazine, and newsletter elements in the sample XML Schema:
1. Right-click the schema node in the diagram.
2. In the shortcut menu that appears, select Add > Element.

Stylus Studio displays a node for the new element in the XML Schema diagram pane. The properties for the new element appear in the Properties window.

3. Type book as the name of the new element and press Enter.
4. In the Properties window, click the Data Type field. Stylus Studio displays a drop-down list of built-in types plus any types you have defined.
5. Click PublicationType.
6. Repeat step 1 through step 5 twice: once to add the magazine element, and once to add the newsletter element.
7. Click Save .

The bookstoreDiagram.xsd document is now complete.

8. Select XMLSchema > Validate Document from the menu to validate the XML Schema document you created.

The validation message appears in the Output window, as shown in

Figure 90. Validation of bookstoreDiagram.xsd

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