Overview of DB-to-XML Data Sources

SQL/XML is an extension of the Structured Query Language (SQL) that allows you to query relational data, render query results as XML, and write modified or new data back to a relational database. Stylus Studio supports the SQL/XML standard by allowing you to create a DB-to-XML data source, a file that contains

  • Connection settings used to connect to a specific relational database on a specific server. You specify connection settings in a scenario. See DB-to-XML Data Source Scenarios for more information.
  • SQL/XML statements (SELECT and UPDATE, for example) that you want to execute on that database. Query results returned by the DB-to-XML data source you define can be used in Stylus Studio anywhere you use XML.

DB-to-XML data sources allow you to write your own SQL/XML and update the relational database.

This section covers the following topics:

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