Stylus Studio's Advanced XQuery Mapper Features

Using the Stylus Studio Advanced XQuery Mapper Features covers in greater depth the use of Stylus Studio's advanced XQuery development tools to aggregate data from multiple XML or even non-XML data sources for use in live, server-based XML data integration applications.

Advanced XQuery Mapper Features the following XQuery development topics:

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  1. Introduction to the XQuery Mapper
  2. Advanced XQuery Mapping Techniques
  3. Integrating Relational and XML with XQuery
  4. Deploying XQuery Applications
  5. Optimizing XQuery Applications
  6. Building XQuery Web Services
  7. Converting XML to CSV using XQuery
  • Opening existing, advanced XQuery source document(s)
  • Specifying multiple XML source documents for use in an XML mapping project, including dynamic XML Web Service Data
  • Specifying sophisticated source-target XML data mappings
  • Defining a target XML schema from scratch, or by modifying an existing target schema on the fly
  • Visually creating an advanced XQuery expression in the XQuery mapper
  • Specifying operations, constants, and ports, for use in conditional blocks and FLWR expressions
  • Working with elements and attributes with the drag-and-drop XQuery mapper
  • Understanding Stylus Studio XQuery mapping diagrams
  • Executing advanced XQuery expressions and verifying the results
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