Converting XML to CSV Using XQuery

See how easy it is to use Stylus Studio's XQuery Mapper to create XQuery code to transform XML to a CSV (comma-separated values) format! Use drag-and drop to specify the XML file you want to convert to CSV, convert CSV to XML to create a target schema with once click, and then create complex XQuery code using intuitive mapping actions. The XQuery you create using the XQuery Mapper can be reused to transform other XML files to CSV — or any of the dozens of other file formats supported by the built-in DataDirect XML Converters!

Converting XML to CSV Using XQuery covers the following topics:

  • Using Stylus Studio XQuery Mapper to convert XML to CSV
  • Using DataDirect XML Converters to convert the CSV file to XML on-the-fly
  • Using a CSV file as a target schema for mapping
  • How XQuery Mapper automatically creates complex XQuery code based on simple drag-and-drop mapping operations
  • Using DataDirect XQuery to specify an output method for the XQuery transformation
  • Using the resulting XQuery to transform XML to CSV
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