Frequently Asked Questions About Switching
Stylus Studio® X16 XML

Why is Stylus Studio® offering a special upgrade price?

Like most good software development teams, we listen to our customers. Since we're blessed with acute hearing, we're able to listen to our competitors' customers, too. Lately, we're hearing from a lot of frustrated XML developers looking for an affordable, professional grade, all-in-one XML IDE . So, we created this special upgrade program to introduce you to the benefits of Stylus Studio®. (Well, as long as we're being completely candid, we want to sell software, too.) Send us a proof of purchase for a commercial XML editor, your email address, and we will give you a coupon for 30% off already low prices on single-user license for Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite, or Stylus Studio® X16 XML Enterprise Suite. That's quite a deal, if we do say so ourselves.

Why Stylus Studio®?

Plain and simple, Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite is a great tool for XML programming with full development support for XML, XSL/XSLT, XPath, XML Schema, DTD, XQuery, Web services, legacy data conversion, EDI, XML Pipeline, XML Publishing and XML mapping! But wait, there's more — when you're done with the development phase of your project, only Stylus Studio provides a Java code generation and support for powerful DataDirect XML Converters™ which power your data integration applications in your production environment.

Who uses Stylus Studio®?

The Stylus Studio® user community is a worldwide network of software engineers, database administrators, Web developers, Java and Microsoft .NET developers, business analysts, industry experts, W3C committee members, academics, and other software professionals. Our customers, from different countries and industries, all rely on Stylus Studio® for their XML development tasks.

Why are so many developers switching to Stylus Studio®?

There are many reasons to switch to Stylus Studio®, but getting more for less has got to be up there. Due diligence prevails, however, thus we've compiled a more detailed top ten list of the reasons so many XML developers have switched to Stylus Studio®. And if you need to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, we've gathered some comments from real customers who have made the switch to Stylus Studio®.

I don't want to throw good money after bad.

Technically, that's not a question, but we think we can infer what you're getting at. We can't undo the past, of course, but, in a manner of speaking, we can guarantee the future (well, at least those aspects related to XML development). You can step up to Stylus Studio® XML Professional Suite or to Stylus Studio® XML Enterprise Suite with a discount of 30%. This special offer is available to customers who have purchased a commercially available XML editor on or before August 1, 2009. Just submit your proof-of-purchase to us via our upgrade submission page, and we'll qualify you for the special upgrade price, which can be applied for each single user license, up to the number of licenses you originally purchased.

Will I get free technical support with this upgrade?

Yes, absolutely. We confidently stand behind our product, and that includes free technical support. For more information visit our technical support page.

Can I get a free Apple iPod with my order?

By switching to Stylus Studio® over other costly XML tools, you'll have enough savings left over to purchase several iPods, and of course, a better XML IDE!


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