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Catalogs in XML applications are used to redirect requests for resources such as schemas and DTD files from one location to another. They are also used to map PUBLIC ID strings for these resources to SYSTEM ID strings. Learn how to leverage Stylus Studio®'s support for the OASIS catalog standard in your XML applications. Play this video demonstration and see how Stylus Studio®'s OASIS catalog support can speed XML development while ensuring adherence to widely used standards.

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Using Stylus Studio® Catalogs covers:

  • Using Stylus Studio®'s Base catalog, a collection of over one dozen popular industry catalogs that conform to the OASIS catalog standard, for example, DocBook, MathML, VoiceML, WML, Chemical Markup Language, etc.
  • Adding catalogs to Stylus Studio® projects — Stylus Studio® bundles XML Schemas and DTDs from dozens of industry leaders, including the W3C (eg: SVG, XForms, UDDI, etc.), OASIS, Sun, Microsoft, and others (FIXML, Accord, etc.); access to these schemas is just a click away
  • Browsing catalog contents — not sure if a certain XML Schema or DTD is appropriate for your application? Browsing catalog contents is so easy, you never have to guess
  • Adding catalog references to your XML — once you've found your DTD or XML Schema, it's easy to put it to work
  • Validating XML documents against catalog DTDs and schemas — validate your document against any XML Schema or DTD with the click of a button
  • Building your own catalogs using the User-Defined Catalog Document wizard


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