Java Code Generation Settings

When you generate Java code for an XQuery document, you need to specify

  • The target directory in which you want the Java code created. c:\temp\myJavaCode, for example. If the directory you name does not exist, Stylus Studio creates it when you run the Java Code Generation wizard. The default is a \sources directory, which is created where you installed Stylus Studio when you generate the code, c:\Program Files\Stylus Studio\sources, for example.
  • Optionally, a package name. If you specify a package name, this name is used for a subfolder created in the target directory you specify. If you specify myPackage as the package name, for example, the generated code is written to c:\temp\myJavaCode\myPackage. (Though optional, it is considered good practice to create a package name.)
  • The class name. Stylus Studio also uses the class name for the .java file created by the Java Code Generation wizard. For example, if you provide the name myClass, Stylus Studio creates c:\temp\myJavaCode\myPackage\

In addition, you can specify whether or not you want to

  • Create the class as a public class
  • Include the main(String[ ] args) method
  • Add the generated code to the current project

All of these options are selected by default.



If you choose to add the generated code to the project, it creates a folder using the package name you specify and places the .java file in that folder. If you do not specify a package name, the .java file is added directly below the project root in the Project window.

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