Obtaining the Text Contained in a Node

You can use the string() function to obtain the text in a node. The string value of an element node is the concatenation of the string values of all text node descendants of the element node in document order. Use one of the following formats:

string string(pathExpression)


Replace pathExpression with the path of the node or nodes that contain the text you want. This can be a rooted path or a relative path. It need not be a single node. If you do not explicitly specify the string() function, you must specify pathExpression in a context where the XPath processor must treat it as a string, for example:

/bookstore/book[title = "Trenton Revisited"]


The XPath processor obtains the text contained in each title element and compares it with "Trenton Revisited". The XPath processor returns books with the title Trenton Revisited.

For additional information about the string() function, see Converting Objects to Strings.

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